I guess I probably tell you a little about myself. I am currently a first year college student who really dislikes her college. I would like to put something in here that is witty and makes you want to read more, but quite honestly how many people really care what my favorite color is, what my dog’s name is, what my cat’s name is, or what my middle name is. I will say though that I have a rather pessimistic outlook on life, and have a pretty dark sense of humor. I believed those things were vital for you to know to understand this blog. I like to think I am funny too, but that is mostly an ego booster thing. Anyway I decided to start a blog because my friend here mentioned it one day and I decided to carry threw with it. I will use mostly as an archive of my days. This blog probably will not have any artsy travel photos, so if that is what you are looking for I’m afraid that you are in the wrong place. You could stay and read it anyway though, you might get a good laugh of my struggles. If you actually read this far it is green, Grant, Whiskers, and Rose. I should probably mention my terrible grammar as well, so if you see you can yell at me for it or just ignore it.