My Struggle To Find The “Perfect” Boot.

This is the post I was saying that I was going to write.

I decided about two weeks ago that I wanted to get a pair of boots, little did I know what kind of feat it was going to be, no pun intended.

Basically, I wear my Converse every day, but they are kind of annoying they squeak and make noises, and it just really annoys me. Also if you have had Converse or a frequent wearer of Converse you have also probably has that outer part separate from the bottom sole of the shoe. At least, I hope you had and it is not just me because it has happened to every pair I own.

I think I am just going to post all of the potential pairs so that when I ordered a pair, get them, and I hate them (I hope this does not happen, and it probably won’t. Fingers crossed.) I can look back and see all the missed opportunity. It will also be easier to find a new pair.

I have probably looked at hundred of boots, and at least 20 websites, so here goes nothing.

Oh. By the way, I am looking for a Chelsea boot, preferably with a very low heel, and any fabric that won’t get soaked in the snow.


  • The height is right
  • Fabric looks a little worn out already
  • Don’t think they are worth $27.90 plus S&H, or at least they don’t look like it.


  • I think these ones are my top pick right now.
  • They are also available at DSW, and I think they are cheaper there?  Never mind because I just checked they do not have anymore, and I am now a little pissed off at myself.
  • The only thing that is sort of bothering me in the brown sole, but I think I can get over it.
  • I also like stretchy band around the ankle, more than a zipper anyway.
  • However, it looks like this is one of those missed opportunities.



  • I originally was looking on Amazon because of the 2 day shipping, and at the time I wanted to get any of the pairs of boots ASAP. Of course, that was before I knew how “difficult this was going to be.”
  • These do come in black, but at this point I don’t even know if I still want them in black.
  • I just don’t like the back pull part and I don’t like how it is also on below the elastic band.


  • I like these ones.
  • My only problem is  that there is no free shipping, and with shipping it will be $40, so why wouldn’t I just get a pair that cost $40. I don’t know that’s my thought process.
  • Also, not sure about the dark brown.



  • These basically have the shape I want, and the height is just right.
  • Not sure about the material.
  • The fucking zipper. it isn’t functional. Why? Why, put a fake zipper, even the designer knew the boot didn’t need a zipper.

6. target-1

  • These were the boots that started it all, after I saw them I was like “you know what? I need a pair of boots.”
  • I am definitely wondering if I should get these ones only because they were the first pair I saw.
  • I don’t think  I want rain boots though.
  • They also look like they would be an awkward height on my ankle.

  • These are exactly what I think I want.
  • The only thing I am worried about is being disappointed. The brown pair of these boots look like they are lined with fur, and the black pair doesn’t look like it has a lining.  So I would be disappointed if I got them and they had no lining, and that is why I don’t want to order them because I think I will be disappointed.

  • I like these, but I do not think they are what I am looking for.
  • I do not like the rounded heel.
  • Also, there is a zipper.


  • Only bad thing aesthetic wise is that damn zipper. Everything about this boot is perfect besides the zipper!


  • Once I decided that I did not want the rain boot pair, these were the ones that  I thought I was going to get.
  • What makes me hesitant is the construction of them, they do not really look like they are built to last; especially, if you zoom in on the photo.
  • But I mean $15,  so I could probably get two pairs of boots then.
  • Another bummer, no free shipping.


  • I’m not sure about how the material and snow (precipitation in general, really ) will mix, but I really like them.
  • And, if I ordered from this site then I could get both pairs for less than $40.

12. tj-maxx1

  • These just look cool.
  • I just don’t want to spend $40+ because I am not really sure about the brown.
  • I do like them a lot, but I feel like these are not a starter pair.
  • Also I think I 7 would be too big, and that is how I am convincing myself that these are not the right pair for right now.

13. macys1

  • Basically perfect, but I think there is a zipper. It is on the inside so no one would really see it, but I would no it is there.
  • The sale ended last night though so another example if a missed opportunity.
  • They are now $32.

After writing about all of these I still do not know which pair I want.As I was going back through all of the websites to find the photos I kept on seeing different pairs that I though I liked. So the ones I posted on here are the original ones I was debating.

Through writing this blog post I have come to realize that zippers have kind of become the bane of my existence.

To my future self, I hope you are better at making decisions.





My Election Post.

I have been a little hesitant about writing this post just because I feel as though a lot of the emotion I have and others have are still very raw, but I am currently alone in my dorm and I think I have a lot to say about it.

When I started following this election a year and a half ago I truly never thought that this would have been the outcome. I never thought it would be possible for someone who has such radically different views from what I thought Americans held sacred to win. However, I was very wrong, and to think that the majority of America (even though technically not really since Hillary won the popular vote) holds these beliefs scare me. I am “lucky” enough to be a white woman, born in the United States. So while some of my rights feel as though they are hanging in the balance, there are others who are in much fearful situations than myself. To say that I do not understand how something like this is possible would be wrong. I understand that Trump was able to win the white working class male vote, and I believe the only reason he won this was because he has never said or made derogatory and offensive claims about everyday white men. He has never said anything to make them feel as scared, threatened, or less than what they are truly worth.

On one hand, I feel bad and sorry for Hillary. I  will admit I cried after it sunk it. I wasn’t able to stay up to see the live results, but I could that she was losing, and I honestly did not think it would be possible for her to lose. I woke up at 5 AM to see the results and I laid in bed for 3 hours until it was time to get ready for my first class. I laid in bed with my stomach turning and my mind racing with thousands of possibilities. None of them being very good. I am very doubtful that he will be able to represent ALL of the people in our Nation. To be frank, my heart hurt and broke, when she said “I’m sorry that we did not win this election.” Even if I watch it now  I can feel the tears, because it does not seem more real to me than when I am watching her concession speech.

I have had multiple discussions in my classes, one of them ending with two guys making fun of us Democrats because we were “just mad” that we lost, and that hurt. Many people are asking “why are you taking this so personal” and to you just have to give an elevator pitch and hope that they understand that this is personal. This all goes back to the beliefs that people apparently hold in our country, and it is difficult to look at someone who voted for Trump and not jump to the conclusion that they are racist, sexist, and a bigot. When I think of the males in my life that voted for him it makes me wonder if they believe that I am less than them because I am a woman, because the person they chose to represent them, does.

On the other hand, the Bernie or Bust supporter in me says this is democracy. In my personal experience when Hillary won the primaries that is what I was told. We were all told that this is how the system work. For me, it felt as though people and media were saying too bad this is how it is, so deal with it. The primaries turned to be a learning lesson for me, so these emotions that I am feeling now I have felt before.

I will say that my candidate lost about 6 months ago.

It is now known that the primaries were never made for Bernie to win. Hillary had the DNC wrapped around her finger, because they believed that someone who held such radical views could not be elected.

So this part of me wants to say to the Hillary supporters, how does it feel to be wronged by the system, and I do not mean to come across as sarcastic or ignorant. It’s just how does it feel?

I want to say that it is just Karma at work, and does not hold Trump’s beliefs to be true.

I genuinely believe that if this was an election between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, Bernie would have won.

So with this said, yes I do feel angry, upset, and shocked that our President-Elect is Trump, and I wish my sincerest condolences to everyone right now. From what I have seen we all need it.

I want to say something about the aftermath of the election in my area. I am from a smaller city, but a nonetheless; which means that my home county did go blue. The county I attend college in; however, went straight red. There has already been instances of racism, that people as though it justified because the President-Elect has justified for the past year and a half. Which is another element that adds fear to the current situation. Much of Trump’s campaign was built of division;whereas, Hillary’s was built on unison, and be “Stronger Together.” I hope, which is one of the few things a lot of us can do, is that those who so strongly stood with her hold this slogan to be true. I hope many of us (roughly the 60 million who voted for her) can stand together strong.

I saw online one silver lining, which was from Seth Meyers, and that is that someone out here has a daughter that will have the opportunity to be the First Female President of the United States. Someone who will potentially have the ability to win because people feel as though they are voting for change rather than voting against regression.

With all of this said, I think credit is due to all of the candidates that were so involved in getting people involved, especially people like me. I am 18 years old and people who are more than twice my age do not care or are not as involved as I was through this election cycle. I have talked about everyday, there was always something new, sometimes good, most of the times not so good. But this election was able to do something not many other have, which is to get “teenagers” involved. I say this as a good thing, although I hope people can stop talking for just like two minutes, because it has been non-stop and draining.

There are only a couple of things left to say.

  1. Thank you, Hillary Clinton for enduring nothing less than what I would call abuse for the past year and a half. You have worked tirelessly for decades and although I was not always with you, I am proud to have voted for you. I do believe that we will be on the right side of history for a long time to come. Although it pains me to say it I do agree with Trump in that we owe you a debt of gratitude, whether or not he was sincere I can assure that I am.
  2. I have added a picture of a safety-pin to this post. The safety pin has come to represent a stand of solidarity, and demonstrates that people do not believe in Trump’s beliefs. It is reminiscent of the aftermath of the Brexit vote, which is something that reminds me very much of this election.20161111_235649

I want to say thank you to all of those who have read this. I would also like to encourage positive conversation and hope that my blog is a safe space for such.

Thank you all,