Blog #166, Day 176.

Friday February 17th, 2017 at 9:47 PM.

I am still at school, but I am leaving tonight.

I haven’t seen my roommate in hours, and I am a little worried, because that is not normal for her, and I don’t think she could have went home, because all of her stuff is here including her backpack, so that’s just weird. I am concerned.

I went to play bingo tonight, I didn’t win, and I never really came close to winning.

Today I went all the way, wasn’t really that far away, to my philosophy class to find it was canceled. I didn’t feel too bad about though, because there was already a girl who had all of her stuff out on the desk, and was ready to go. I have learned that I should start checking my email in the morning.

I managed to get all of my stuff into one backpack, and then I also have my pillow. I think my friend is coming with her mom tonight, so I wanted to have as little as possible. I also know that we are only allowed out through one set of doors past 9 PM, but I don’t know which ones, or if they will come to the right door. I don’t even think I could describe to them the parking lot situation to them, so I am hoping I don’t have to.

I had two cookies today, both were great, definitely feeling a little guilty.

I was going to buy hats from the bookstore, but I ended up not doing that, but I still think I want to.

My friend is getting a tattoo this weekend, and now I really want to get one. The problem is that I keep thinking about it as waste of money at this point, so I’m thinking it isn’t the right time.

It is now 9:55 PM.

I think I would have been fine with going home tomorrow morning.

My high of the day – I found a pen that exploded in my backpack, but it all stayed inside of the plastic, which is weird, because that isn’t usually how my life works, but I was pleased. As soon as I found I knew that, that was going to be my high for the day.

It is now 12:41 AM.

I am home, a lot of not good things have happened.

Crazy how life happens.

My low of the day – well I was going to some generic thing, but coming home and having to find the inmate id number for someone sucked. I hope it isn’t as bad as it seems it will be.




Blog #165, Day 175.

Thursday February 16th, 2017 at 9:43 PM.

Today was fine, there was a little towards midday, but other than that, not too much to complain about.

The stressful part of my day was that I had to go to financial aid, which should probably always be the most helpful on office on campus,  but never really is. Anyway, somehow 2 loans came through instead of just 1, and a lot of the women confused, and so was I, because I was getting a refund check, but I was short in the beginning of semester, so overall it just didn’t make sense. And the refund check wasn’t for either amount of the loans, and the woman on the 2nd floor told me to go to the 3rd floor, and then they told me to back down to 2nd floor, and then the woman on the 2nd floor went with me back up to the 3rd floor, and the whole time the women on the 3rd floor were kind of talking shit about the women on the 2nd, and vice versa. Also, the woman on the 3rd floor was trying to get me to pay off other loans with the loan I wanted to return, because to me it’s like paying a credit card bill off with another credit card. I really just wanted the money to be returned, which it was in the end.

I had Tim Horton’s and Starbucks at the same time.

I finally got candy.

I am going on Day 4 with straight hair.

There is this hat at the our campus store that I really wanted, but I didn’t get it, also kind of wanted to get one for my mom, and I wish I would have saw it before I got her the other gift, but you win some you lose some. I haven’t really decided though, so I still might buy both, which my bank account does not need.

I think I am actually going home tomorrow, I know so predictable. I honestly thought I was going to stay here this weekend, but my friend wants to get a tattoo this weekend, and I also think she wants me to go with her, but I may not even be leaving school until Saturday. It is still kind of up in the air, as most of my plans are.

My roommate and I have started a window war. I opened the window last night, because I like it to be cool when I sleep, but she complained the whole day that it was, but I promise you I was actually sweating. We have two windows in out dorm, 1 on my half, and 1 on hers, and I only opened my side. However, I do understand that opening 1 side of the window does not mean that only one side of the room gets cold, but I am about it again. The cold just helps me sleep, and I have such a hard time falling asleep, so that is how I am justifying it.

I did win a donut today, so it was actually pretty great since I opened it after going to the financial aid office, which kind of drained me.

I gained 40% more on my calculus homework today, so that’s good.

It is now 10:01 PM.

My high of the day – getting rid of an extra loan. My low of the day – I can’t decide if I really want to go home or not, if I am being honest. Like I know I want to, but I don’t feel like I have to. This has got to be one of the highest lows I have in a while.



Blog #164, Day 174.

Wednesday February 15th, 2017 at 8:41 PM.

Honestly, it was another day that I didn’t really have too much I had to get done.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means it is almost Friday, which means I won’t have to leave my bed for 2 days.

Only 2 classes, always a pleasure.

I really want to sleep, like a lot.

Also, an update on my roommate, last night she took yogurt out of its container and put into a bowl. That’s weird. She also scraped the bowl the whole time. And this morning, she left her phone in here with the alarm on, and left the room, so that ruined my last good hour sleep, once again. I’ve said before, but I am really starting to get aggravated by her.

I haven’t had Tim Horton’s in 2 days, which I think is the longest I have gone while I have been here.

I got my math structures test back, and I did fail, but not miserably.

I woke up this morning and there was like 4 inches, and there was no snow the night before, so that was a little surprising. I think it is supposed to snow tonight too.

We ate at the dining hall today, and it actually wasn’t too bad. It was kind of Thanksgiving food, but I also had 2 bowls (more like 1, because the bowls were the size of teacups) of Lucky Charms, so you can’t really go to wrong. I really wanted candy, but that’s not readily available, so I had cookies instead.

It is now 8:50 PM.

I need to print my notes for World History out and then, hopefully, go to bed.

I also need to remember to study for my economics quiz tomorrow.

My high of the day – this whole not having to do homework thing is pretty nice. My low of the day – I mean failing a test obviously sucks, but I mean I also really still want candy.



Blog #163, Day 173.

Tuesday February 14th, 2017 at 8:33 PM.

Happy Valentine’s Day, I guess?

Today was pretty relaxing if I’m being honest. Only had 2 classes, and didn’t have any assignments due tomorrow. Like I said, pretty good day.

It is now 8:48 PM.

I got a little distracted.

I really want to get like 10 hours of sleep tonight. I don’t know if I will be able to do it, but I think I will be able to get 8 at least. I just realized how much I talk about sleep, and it’s a lot.

Our dining hall had “special” entrees for Valentine’s day; however I would still rate my meal 3/10.

I have my math structures test tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to going, or getting my test back. Both of these things suck, very much.

It is now 9:04 PM.

This has not been my most focused post.

I played some ping-pong today, and lost.

I have straightened my hair for 2 days in a row, and I would like an award please.

My roommate has really annoyed me today, and I don’t think it was really her, I think it was just me being in a bitchy mood. Literally, everything she did today aggressively bothered me, even her breathing (it was incredibly loud though, so I still think it is justified). I honestly think it was because she woke me up just as I fell asleep last night, and for some reason it is very difficult for me to get comfortable and fall asleep, so it put in a pissy mood last night, which apparently was just a primer for this morning. Her coffee maker was what woke me up in the morning (at 5:30 AM), and she like kept me up, because she wakes fucking way too early and just like hangs out until her first class at 8 AM. I don’t know it has just made me increasingly mad over this past week.

That got a little rant-y.

I have started to listened to podcasts over the past week, which I never really thought I would be a podcast person. I really like to watch things and have a visual, but I have enjoyed it, so can’t complain. I mean obviously I can, and I think I just did. I would challenge anyone to give me something to not complain about, I would win every single time.

I talked to my mom and my grandmother today. At this point, I am staying here this weekend, but now I really think I won’t be next weekend. Also though, so many things/plans change in my life, so I wouldn’t bet on anything.

It is now 9:15 PM.

My high of the day – it was overall just a really good day, but it would probably be not having to do any homework, or that my World History class ended 10 minutes early. My low of the day – I just woke up angry, which isn’t really a great start to the day.


Blog #162, Day 172.

Monday February 13th, 2017 at 9:31 PM.

Today started out a little hectic, I think that is the right word.

Anyway, I woke up at 6:40 AM, and got in the shower, got my laundry, got my stuff together, and woke my mom up. As soon as she got up she went to start her car, and it didn’t. The trunk was left open all night, so the battery was dead. Really, it was just a continuation of my unlucky lifestyle. What are you going to do?

I’m watching Riverdale, which is a new show on The CW. I must say that it is quite distracting. I think it might actually be a good show. Intriguing, for sure.

I did make it to school and class on time, so I was pleased.

I had a calculus quiz and a math structures test. Neither went well, to say the least.

I know that I got at least 4 points on the calculus quiz (out of 10). On the math structures test; however, I do not have any idea how I did on it. At one point, I was adding up the most possible points I could even get if I assumed that the ones I did do, I got all possible credit. It was not good. I bullshitted my way through, uh, just about all of it. I would be happy if I even got a passing grade.

I finished my map assignment for World History, it really wasn’t too bad. I actually finished it around 6 PM, but then I went to dinner, and my friend’s phone was not working, so we went to store. I didn’t really need to go, but I wasn’t worried about not being able to finish my homework. I also don’t really add anything to the equation, since I do not drive, and actually she doesn’t either. The girl who took us is really nice, she offered us to go out with her sometime. I hope we actually do, because while I know you don’t have to party and stuff in college, I would really like to say I went out at least once. You know, just to try it.

It is now 9:57 PM.

I am looking forward to only having 2 classes tomorrow, very excited, although it is another early morning.

I feel like I am missing a major part of my day, but I don’t think I am. I don’t know.

It is 10:00 PM.


My high of the day – probably leaving campus. My low of the day – besides the obvious math structures test, the coffee from Tim Horton’s was absolutely vile today.




Blog #157, Day 167.

Wednesday February 8th, 2017 at 8:23 PM.

I am tired. I want to go to bed, but even if  I went to bed right now I still wouldn’t fall asleep for hours.

1 day of classes left, and I prefer my Tuesday/Thursday schedule, so that’s good I guess.

Remember when I said that it’s was a four-day week, and that nothing could really ruin that. Well, leave it to my mom to ruin anything, really.

I tried to do some more of my calculus homework, unsuccessfully. I couldn’t answer 1 question. The questions on there are questions the professor has never even discussed, and every time you click “read more” it takes me to the same page every single time.

I really want to go to bed.

I have texted my mom and called her, more than once, and she is just ignoring me. Great, real great adulting and parenting, just the best.

Also,  I just slipped trying to get onto my bed, I ripped the belt loop of off my jeans, I just stepped on my ear buds (that hurt like a bitch), and I lost on both of my teas for Roll up the Rim, so if you’re keeping count like me I am now 4 for 12.

Today has come to just a fucking disastrous end.

And my roommate wakes up at 4 AM, which means I wake up way before my alarm ever goes off.

It’s also supposed to snow all night, so I am going have to walk in the snow and ice, which maybe the worst thing ever, not really, but right now it is.

Yeah, this needs to be over. I need to be stopped.

It is now 8:32 PM.

My high of the day – I don’t know, I ate a chocolate muffin. My low of the day – about 5:50 PM on, and still going strong. With the way the night is going I am probably gonna end up drowning in the shower, not showering after this, but if I were odds are it would happen.




Blog #156, Day 166.

Tuesday February 7th, 2017 at 7:48 PM.

I may actually be in bed by 8 PM. Okay, well probably not PM, but 8:30 PM is seeming like a real possibility at this point. I also probably won’t be asleep to midnight, but I can sense my roommate getting ready to turn off the lights. To be honest, I thought she was going to go to bed at 7 PM, so I guess I got a little extra time than I originally bargained for.

I finished reading “The Apology” by Plate, not really sure what I took away from it, or what I was supposed to take away from it. I didn’t take notes, but I did highlight, because he reminded us that he is a “quizzer”.

Speaking of quizzes, I got a 100 on my economics “surprise” (he calls them that) quiz, which is better than I thought, because we went over it and I was positive I got an 80, but I wrong.

I only have 2 class days left this week. Music to my ears. I am of course going home on Thursday, but there is this little part of me that doesn’t want to (I know, it’s shocking), because I feel a little guilty leaving my roommate alone for 3 days.

I also got a B/B+, I think he could have just chosen 1, on my last assignment for World History. I thought I did better, but it isn’t too far off from my other grade in that class, so I think it is fine. I am also hoping that I get a good grade on my notes for the book I had to read.

I am now 4 for 10 for Roll up the Rims, could be better, but I don’t think there is really too much I can do about it. I had a bagel for the first time this week from Tim Horton’s, usually at this point I would probably of had 3.

I am currently waiting for a response from my friend at home, because I have texted her for the past few days, and she hasn’t texted back, so I am hoping that it is her phone, which has been a previous. If that isn’t the reason I will not know how to handle that rejection. I messaged her on Snapchat though, so now at least I can see if she is actually ignoring me. I know I already said it, but I really don’t know what I would do if she was actually like “yeah, I have been getting them, and I am just not responding”.

I tried to do my calculus homework tonight. Thank goodness it is no longer due tomorrow, or else I would be getting a 50%.

Today was actually kind of warm, like I was actually surprised I didn’t see someone in shorts. It was really only about 46°F, but in New York in February, that is warm. It did rain all day, or well every time I had to walk to or from class, but still overall very nice.

Wow, I am now talking about the weather. I think it is time for me to stop writing.

It is now 8:07 PM.

For the record, I am sitting in bed, but the lights are still on.

My high of the day – it was a relatively unstressful day. My low of the day – I didn’t use as many meals as I would’ve of hoped for.

It is now 8:10 PM.

My friend just messaged me back, but I am going to give it like a minute, or 4, before I read/reply #justgirlythings. Hopefully, it doesn’t hurt my feelings.



Blog #155, Day 165.

Monday February 6th, 2017 at 8:21 PM.

It’s a Monday, but let me tell you, it has felt like a Tuesday. I have a 4 day week this week, and I don’t think anything can bring me down.

There are just so many little things that are immensely better, because I only have classes on 4 days, rather than 5. For example, I will only have to go to math structures twice this week, and now I only have to go 1 more time this week. I really hate that class. I almost fell asleep in it today, but there are only like 8 kids in the class, so it is really difficult, because you can not hide it. I also don’t think I would even be able to fall asleep around strangers, cause like trust issues, ya’know.

I am also determined to use all of my 17 meals by Thursday. Off to a pretty rough start seeing as I only used 1 today. I only ate once today, which is very weird for me, and potentially not healthy. I honestly just didn’t feel like having to leave my dorm anymore than I really had to. Plus, after a while of feeling hungry and ignoring it, it just kind of went away.

I would love to be able to be asleep by 10 PM, but I don’t think that’ll happen.

I am a little worried about falling asleep in my 8 AM class tomorrow, because he said that we will be watching clips from a documentary – I personally hate when teachers show just clips and jump around the documentary, like come on, you are probably better off just showing the whole thing, rather than wasting time trying to figure out which part you need to find – and we will be listening to music of that time period. I’m not sure about the music though, but either way I’m sure it will give me the ability to fall asleep.

I am very much looking forward to a nap tomorrow, I think it will happen tomorrow. I didn’t take a nap today. I almost did, but then I just decided to start my reading, because I really needed to finish it. I honestly didn’t even know that I had the will power within me.

I am very happy that I got everything I needed to do done by 8 PM. I mean I thought I got everything done, but I don’t know if a college student really ever has nothing to do. I still have to read “The Apology” by Plato for Philosophy, but it isn’t do until Wednesday, and it is only 14 pages, but I will probably need to take notes.

Speaking of notes, I ended up with having 10 pages of notes for my World History reading. My hand is actually sore. He said to avoid plot summary notes, which is probably what I have the majority of, but I am hoping that he just looks at it and thinks there are 10 pages, so some of it has to have what he wants.

I am currently 4 for 8 for Roll up the Rim, but I still have one drink to finish, but I don’t think I would get two winners in a row.

This is probably the most I have written in a while. The other day I was thinking that I wanted to write more, but like what does one just write about, besides their day, ya’know.

My roommate at this school is drastically different from my last roommate. One of the ways she is different is that she just likes to walk around campus, at any time of the day. She just left right now to go walk, it is 26 °F, not something I would do. Also though,  I am not someone who is overly active.

Okay,  I think I am done now.

It is 8:46 PM.

My high of the day – getting everything I needed to get done, done by 8 PM. My low of the day – I definitely could have gotten in 1 or 2 more meals in today.

It is now 8:51 PM.

I was just about to post this, and I noticed that it was 666 words, normally that wouldn’t bother me, but I thought I should mention. Unfortunately though, now it isn’t.





Blog #152, Day 162.

Friday February 3rd, 2017 at 11:13 PM.

Well, my first complete Friday here is almost coming to an end. Didn’t really do anything, just stayed in my bed honestly.

I just made some Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

My roommate went out, which is interesting to me, because when you look at her, you don’t go “oh, she’s party-er”. If there a correct way to spell party-er, I don’t know it.

I also just realized that the whole entire book I have to read by Tuesday is not currently in my possession. As in, I never bought it. I am panicked, rattled, “triggered”, all of the above to be quite honest.

I drank 3 Gatorades today, because ya’know I am the picture of health. I also didn’t win on my Roll Up the Rim today.

Today had just been fucking wonderful.

I also already have another math structures homework assignment due Monday. That class is the worst, although I did get 36/50 points on my last assignment, and I said I would be happy of I got 27, so I guess I’m “happy”.

That reminds me of the calculus III quiz I had to take. It was a bloodbath. Actually a better description would be it was me drowning in my own bloodbath.

Yeah, just a second time for emphasis, today has been great.

I am just hoping I make it to Thursday.

It is now 11:23 PM.

My high of the day – my mom texted me like an hour ago asking me whether or not I came home, real priority for her as you can tell (this contains just a hint of sarcasm). My low of the day – just the day, as a whole. No, actually it was definitely my roommate’s alarm, on her phone, going off every 3 minutes for an hour starting at 7 AM. I wouldn’t have been as mad if it wasn’t supposed to be my last hour of peaceful rest. She was also not in the room the whole entire time this was happening. Who the fuck leaves their phone  when they leave a room, fucking no one, no one does that, nor should they, honestly. Also, she wakes up at 5:30 AM to do her homework, which bothers me on what I could only describe as a molecular level.

It is now 11:30 PM.



Blog #151, Day 161.

Thursday February 2nd, 2017 at 8:52 PM.

It is now 8:59 PM.

I don’t think I really have much to say, beside another day another blog, ya’know.

I think I have all of my homework done, I hope so anyway, because I did not do any today.

I will have all three of my classes tomorrow, so that’ll suck.

I won another Roll Up the Rim, I am now 2 for 4.

Spent a lot of time in bed today.

I did go this human rights thing with my friend, because if she went she would get extra credit, so I took one for the time.

I don’t really feel like I learned anything. They had a few people speak, and then they just read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I ate a salad for dinner, because I feel like I have gained 20 pounds since I have been here. It doesn’t really help that I ate two bagels with cream cheese from Tim Horton’s today, and one of the drinks I got there today was 400 calories alone. Oh, and I had a donut, so I don’t think the salad really did too much for me today.

My roommate isn’t here right now, and I don’t really know what to do because usually it’s kind of past bedtime.

Tomorrow will be the first time I didn’t go home. I have next Friday off though, so there will be no streak of me staying here.

As I was writing my high of the day I remembered that I have to read a whole book by Tuesday.

It is now 9:08 PM.

My high of the day – not being overly stressed out about homework. My low of the day – I have yet to get one full cup of coffee from Tim Horton’s.