My Struggle To Find The “Perfect” Boot.

This is the post I was saying that I was going to write.

I decided about two weeks ago that I wanted to get a pair of boots, little did I know what kind of feat it was going to be, no pun intended.

Basically, I wear my Converse every day, but they are kind of annoying they squeak and make noises, and it just really annoys me. Also if you have had Converse or a frequent wearer of Converse you have also probably has that outer part separate from the bottom sole of the shoe. At least, I hope you had and it is not just me because it has happened to every pair I own.

I think I am just going to post all of the potential pairs so that when I ordered a pair, get them, and I hate them (I hope this does not happen, and it probably won’t. Fingers crossed.) I can look back and see all the missed opportunity. It will also be easier to find a new pair.

I have probably looked at hundred of boots, and at least 20 websites, so here goes nothing.

Oh. By the way, I am looking for a Chelsea boot, preferably with a very low heel, and any fabric that won’t get soaked in the snow.


  • The height is right
  • Fabric looks a little worn out already
  • Don’t think they are worth $27.90 plus S&H, or at least they don’t look like it.


  • I think these ones are my top pick right now.
  • They are also available at DSW, and I think they are cheaper there?  Never mind because I just checked they do not have anymore, and I am now a little pissed off at myself.
  • The only thing that is sort of bothering me in the brown sole, but I think I can get over it.
  • I also like stretchy band around the ankle, more than a zipper anyway.
  • However, it looks like this is one of those missed opportunities.



  • I originally was looking on Amazon because of the 2 day shipping, and at the time I wanted to get any of the pairs of boots ASAP. Of course, that was before I knew how “difficult this was going to be.”
  • These do come in black, but at this point I don’t even know if I still want them in black.
  • I just don’t like the back pull part and I don’t like how it is also on below the elastic band.


  • I like these ones.
  • My only problem is  that there is no free shipping, and with shipping it will be $40, so why wouldn’t I just get a pair that cost $40. I don’t know that’s my thought process.
  • Also, not sure about the dark brown.



  • These basically have the shape I want, and the height is just right.
  • Not sure about the material.
  • The fucking zipper. it isn’t functional. Why? Why, put a fake zipper, even the designer knew the boot didn’t need a zipper.

6. target-1

  • These were the boots that started it all, after I saw them I was like “you know what? I need a pair of boots.”
  • I am definitely wondering if I should get these ones only because they were the first pair I saw.
  • I don’t think  I want rain boots though.
  • They also look like they would be an awkward height on my ankle.

  • These are exactly what I think I want.
  • The only thing I am worried about is being disappointed. The brown pair of these boots look like they are lined with fur, and the black pair doesn’t look like it has a lining.  So I would be disappointed if I got them and they had no lining, and that is why I don’t want to order them because I think I will be disappointed.

  • I like these, but I do not think they are what I am looking for.
  • I do not like the rounded heel.
  • Also, there is a zipper.


  • Only bad thing aesthetic wise is that damn zipper. Everything about this boot is perfect besides the zipper!


  • Once I decided that I did not want the rain boot pair, these were the ones that  I thought I was going to get.
  • What makes me hesitant is the construction of them, they do not really look like they are built to last; especially, if you zoom in on the photo.
  • But I mean $15,  so I could probably get two pairs of boots then.
  • Another bummer, no free shipping.


  • I’m not sure about how the material and snow (precipitation in general, really ) will mix, but I really like them.
  • And, if I ordered from this site then I could get both pairs for less than $40.

12. tj-maxx1

  • These just look cool.
  • I just don’t want to spend $40+ because I am not really sure about the brown.
  • I do like them a lot, but I feel like these are not a starter pair.
  • Also I think I 7 would be too big, and that is how I am convincing myself that these are not the right pair for right now.

13. macys1

  • Basically perfect, but I think there is a zipper. It is on the inside so no one would really see it, but I would no it is there.
  • The sale ended last night though so another example if a missed opportunity.
  • They are now $32.

After writing about all of these I still do not know which pair I want.As I was going back through all of the websites to find the photos I kept on seeing different pairs that I though I liked. So the ones I posted on here are the original ones I was debating.

Through writing this blog post I have come to realize that zippers have kind of become the bane of my existence.

To my future self, I hope you are better at making decisions.