Blog #449, Day 461.

Friday December 8th, 2017 at 9:39 PM.

I am home.

It was my last day of classes.

It was alright.

I almost slipped and died at least 17 times. All the sidewalks were all ice.

I have been doing flashcards for the past 2 hours.

I have been typing out all of the flashcards that I have already made.

I got Tim Horton’s twice today. It wasn’t the most healthy of decisions. She put 11 Timbits in my 10 pack. It made me smile.

I am pretty stressed out about Monday.

Also the irrational part of me got a little aggravated in economics. We had to take a quiz, and this girl handed it in and the professor, who I’ve never even heard say one of our names, says thank you so and so, see you Monday. I honestly don’t think he even knows my name. I didn’t like it.

It didn’t help that the quiz was absolutely horrible and I didn’t know how to do one thing on it.

I still have about 100 flashcards to make, and that’s just for economics.

It doesn’t really feel like I only have one week left in the semester.

I need to study.

I am in for a long night.

It is now 9:45 PM.

My high of the day – probably getting an extra donut. My low of the day – walking to all of my classes on sheets of ice.