Blog #811, Day 823.

Tuesday December 4th, 2018 at 7:25 PM.

Today didn’t feel as long as I thought it would.

My tax class felt like forever, though.

My roommate and I just finished having some serious life discussions. Normally, we do that before we are about to go to bed, but we did it after dinner today.

I finally finished my tax homework. It took me two days. She set it up so that we couldn’t do the next problem until you finished the one before it, so there were times I would just stare at a problem for thirty minutes.

I had a group meeting today. I don’t feel like we accomplished a whole lot, but we definitely came up with some ideas. As long as our final presentation goes better than the group’s went today, I’ll be happy. Their activity made no sense, but I got points for my group, because one of the kids at our table knew the game already. We actually got twice the amount of points, because there were two people from my group at the table. One group had three people at our table though.

I had fake Chipotle for dinner today, because dinner was supposed to be hot dogs, but who the fuck wants a hot dog in December. They ended up not even having them, but the stuff they actually had wasn’t looking too hot either.

I have another part of my Monopoly project due Friday, so he is giving us three days to finish it, and that does not feel like it is enough time.

I am starting to prepare my rations for this weekend. I actually don’t mind staying, like it isn’t that bad in all honesty, but I have to stay for a training, and that I am not happy about.

The training is from five until nine on Friday. I really just don’t want to walk back to my room at night, but oh well I guess.

I also should start studying this weekend, because I have two tests next week. I need to write a reflection paper too.

There are still so many days until I am done. Isn’t my time served? Sometimes when I talk about school, I really feel like I am talking about jail.

I made a list for everything I have to do over the next two weeks, and it is a lot more than I thought it would be.

It is now 7:34 PM.

I really want to go to bed earlier tonight.




Blog #810, Day 822.

Monday December 3rd, 2018 at 7:45 PM.

I just got out of the shower.

There are two girls in our hallway that have a screaming match just about every night, and they are going at it once again. It is so annoying.

I did some homework today.

I logged in to do my homework for my online marketing foundations class, and we didn’t have to write a case discussion this week. Thank the Lord. I still had to read and take two quizzes, but now I am done with the class until I have to take the final.

I also took a tax quiz. I tried to do the homework, but it is impossible.

I did the tax return and I got it to work, so I was happy about that.

I went to my roommate’s social work club. I guess I should say our meeting, since I am now the treasurer of the club, which I think will be good.

For the most part, I think all my work is done for a lot of my classes. Not all of it, but most of it.

I have to write a reflection paper for one of my classes and I was talking about it today, thinking that it would be maybe 100 to 500 words. She sent am email like right afterwards, turns out it is supposed to be 1500 words.

I had carrots and grapes for dinner, because there were absolutely no other options.

I am now starving.

I am watching YouTube now, and hopefully going to bed soon.

I think tomorrow will be a long day.

Only 18 days left.

It is now 7:53 PM.



Blog #809, Day 821.

Sunday December 2nd, 2018 at 9:53 PM.

I am sitting on my bedroom floor.

I spent most of my day on the couch, until I had to shower.

Then, I laid in bed until my mom got home.

Once my mom got home, I was back on the couch to watch TV.

I have a “speech” I have to give tomorrow, that should be interesting. It isn’t for a grade or anything, but I am still stressed out about it.

My roommate isn’t texting me back, and it is mildly annoying me.

It is now 9:56 PM.

My stress stuffy nose and sneezing is kicking in.



Blog #808, Day 820.

Saturday December 1st, 2018 at 9:20 PM.

I decided to mix it up today. I spent some time on the couch and some time in my bed.

I really didn’t do anything else.

I just started my laundry.

I had ice cream for my first meal. I would say breakfast, but I didn’t wake up until almost noon.

I have nothing else to say.

It is now 9:22 PM.



Blog #807, Day 819

Friday November 30, 2018 at 6:54 PM.

I have been on my phone for the past 4 hours.

I am now switching over to my computer.

I did not do any homework today.

My mom is at work, so I am kind of just waiting until she gets home.

I think this will be my last weekend home until finals, which is a little stressful to think about.

I have to stay for a training, that I know I should do, but really don’t want to. I could do it on Sunday, but my mom can’t bring me home on Sunday, and my roommate feels like staying at for an extra 14 hours until Monday morning actually makes a difference.

She also said that she is not coming back on Monday next week, because “there is no reason for her to be there.” I thought that is a little rude, since I will be there, but whatever. She doesn’t have a final that Monday, but she does on Tuesday, and like a said she thinks staying one more night at home actually means something.

I like my roommate. We get along really well. There are just some things that truly aggravate me to the bone about her. I am now kind of a side tangent, but not only is she extremely babied by her mom, but she is also the kind of girl to forget about her friends when it comes to having a boyfriend. Which I guess is probably normal, maybe? But she does call and talk to her mom every single night.

She actually passively aggressively said something the other day that really annoyed me. She was talking about something her brother does is really obnoxious and annoying, and I was like oh I do that, and she said yeah I know. The thing that was annoying is interrupting their mom while she is on phone.

Hey, you wanna know what else is really obnoxious and annoying? When you well on the phone three feet away from me. Every. Single. Night. Is what I would’ve said if I could’ve thought about quick enough. She also does that while I am trying to read. And I think I only interrupt when she is telling her mom a story about something I did,said, or was there and she is telling it wrong.

Anyway, that is enough ranting for me.

It is time for me to eat brownie brittle for dinner.

My phone is going to die.

It is now 7:05 PM.



Blog #806, Day 818.

Thursday November 29th, 2018 at 7:16 PM.

I want to go to bed.

I didn’t have to wear my winter boots. I wore my Converse instead.

I went to all three of my classes. They actually didn’t feel too long.

My room was so cold that I had to close my window, but now it will probably be too hot for me to sleep.

I had to do the Monopoly project again, because when our professor posted the file there was a mistake. It only took like 10 minutes, because we could copy and paste from the one I already did. It was still annoying.

I went to his office, so that he could grade it for us, because he still hasn’t handed out the grades for the three previous phases.

I also went to my organizational behavior professor’s office to get some help about the final. It wasn’t that helpful, but she was nice. I was hoping she would tell us which activities we should do, but she didn’t.

I really didn’t think I would do any homework today, but I ended up reading a chapter for tax. It took three hours in total. At least I do not have anything due on the third anymore.

I had a bread bowl with chili for dinner. It was kind of spicy, and I already have heartburn.

I also got these other potato things, three of them to be exact, but I didn’t eat them. I feel guilty. I absolutely hate wasting food, and throwing it out.

I want to go to bed a little earlier tonight, because I am exhausted.

I feel like I am actually sort of on top of things right now. I really got a lot done this week and done early.

It is now 7:23 PM.



Blog #805, Day 817.

Wednesday November 28th, 2018 at 8:28 PM.

Today was an easier day.

I didn’t really do much.

I had to wear my winter boots, which I was not happy about.

It was still really snowy today, but also like slushy, so basically it was super fun to walk in.

After my class, I came back to my room and laid in bed until my roommate came back from her classes. Then, we went to get something to eat. I had a sandwich that I took the lettuce off of, because it really looked like romaine lettuce, and I still don’t know whether or not I should be eating it.

I then proceeded to eat my sandwich in bed.

I also started and finished my monopoly project while I was bed.

I thought about reading a chapter for tax, but I really wasn’t feeling it, so I did a homework assignment instead. She gave us three things due on the third, so now I only have one thing left.

Maybe I will read it tomorrow, maybe I won’t.

I am pretty positive I had my first drink from Starbucks this semester. I am glad I waited until the end of the semester to start. It may not have been my first drink, but it was definitely my first hot drink, and I actually thought it was pretty good. I got the caramel brulee latte.

I had to get vegan mac’n’cheese for dinner, because it was a mac’n’cheese day, and that was the only mac’n’cheese they were offering. It tasted fine, I guess, but it was kind of sticky. I didn’t eat all of it, but I don’t think I would’ve eaten all of anything I would’ve got.

My everything hurts, but my hips hurt the most.

I had to memorize questions for a quiz tomorrow. I am hoping I did alright.

I will also have a quiz tomorrow that I will literally know nothing about until the group presents. I did really bad on the last one, so I can’t imagine how I will do on this one.

It is freezing cold in our room right, but I am scared to close my window, because I know I will be way too hot.

Once I get under my covers I’ll be fine.

I just remembered that I used to do a high and a low from my day. That feels like forever ago, and I have not thought about it since I stopped doing it.

It is now 8:37 PM.

I hoping that I do not have to wear my winter boots tomorrow.



Blog #804, Day 816.

Tuesday November 27th, 2018 at 8:19 PM.

Today didn’t go by as slow as I thought it would.

I had to take a quiz on my organizational behavior class. It wasn’t anything I could study for, because it was based on the group’s presentation. For our final we have to run the class for an hour, and a part of running the class is giving a quiz. We actually don’t have to do it for our topic, but the other five groups do. They had a really good presentation and activity, sort of. We were put in random groups, but I ended with one person who is in my group and one person who was in my group. They had us come up with a skit and a jingle. I was uncomfortable, but it went fine. It had to be holiday themed, so we had kids walk in to the living room and discover their dad putting the gifts under the tree; instead of, Santa Claus. People liked it.

It snowed last night. Like a lot. It is the first major snowfall we have had. It was horrible to walk in. I think it is only going to get worse tonight.

I have another part of the Monopoly project due Friday.

I did some homework tonight. I think I am actually ahead of schedule, just by a teeny little bit.

I did my accounting homework, and I wrote my two replies for marketing.

I had soup for lunch today. They mixed two types of chicken noodle, so I wasn’t thrilled about that.

Our options for dinner were absolutely terrible. One of the ladies actually laughed at a joke I made, because I said look at all the options, and there were only two.

I have a quiz in accounting tomorrow. I have no idea what it is going to be like or on, which is a little aggravating, but oh well.

It is pretty cold in our room. We have both of the windows open. My hands are freezing, but my face is on fire.

I am looking forward to sleeping. I couldn’t really fall asleep last night.

I plan on eating brownie brittle and watching YouTube for the rest of the night.

It is now 8:31 PM.







Blog #803, Day 815.

Monday November 26th, 2018 at 7:03 PM.

I am back at school and I am miserable. Not really, it hasn’t been too bad. I only have one class, so I guess it really shouldn’t be that bad. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.

I think having last week of was actually a good thing, because I really do feel so much more motivated, but I guess it could be that there is only three weeks left until the end of the year.

I have a feeling that this is probably not going to last very long, like literally only today.

I have done homework from the time my class ended until the time I got into the shower, which was like an hour ago. So like a solid eight hours almost.

I read for two chapter for marketing, which was like 60 pages. I also took two quizzes on those chapters.

I also wrote my marketing response, which normally I don’t do until Tuesday.

Then, I read a chapter for tax, which isn’t due until Wednesday, but I didn’t think I would feel like doing it tomorrow.  I took one quiz on that chapter and one quiz on the chapter I read on Saturday. I also did the homework assignment for the chapter the chapter I read on Saturday.

I guess it doesn’t sound like that much when I write it down, but I read over 90 pages altogether, took four quizzes, did a tax homework assignment, and wrote about marketing. When I write it like that it sounds like I did a lot.

I still have to do my accounting homework, but it isn’t due until Friday, and I have to write two replies for marketing.

I got a coffee today, that I accidentally ordered wrong, but it was the best mistake I have ever made.

I basically only did homework today.

It was pasta day for dinner, and they actually had pasta tonight. I actually don’t mind it pasta day, because you can’t really mess up noodles and sauce. However, I do already have heartburn.

I have quiz in accounting on Wednesday that I am going to have to remember to study for tomorrow.

It is now 7:15 PM.

I am going to eat my cookie that I got from the c-store and find something to watch.




Blog #802, Day 814.

Sunday November 25th, 2018 at 8:57 PM.

I could literally cry right now.

I do not want to go to back to school.

I keep telling myself that I have a month left.

It’s not really working.

I spent all day on the couch. Seems fitting for the last day of break.

I did not do any homework.

I had two pieces of pie today and three cups of hot chocolate.

It is now 8:59 PM.

I have an early morning tomorrow.