Blog #452, Day 464.

Monday December 11th, 2017 at 9:53 PM.

It’s only Monday, and just like that I am done with more than half of my finals exams.

The accounting final was fine.

The economics final was the hardest test I have ever taken. It was as if I wasn’t even in the class for the past 4 months.

The biology final wasn’t too bad. I really didn’t study for it, but it wasn’t anything too difficult. There were 2 short answers and I had completely no idea how to do one of them. We never made the diagram in class, or even looked at one, but I still think I did good enough.

I have my western civilizations final tomorrow. I hope it goes well.

I made flashcards of the terms, but that is all I have done. I will have to write 2 essays tomorrow and 8 short ids. It will be awful and my hand is definitely going to be sore.

That reminds me that I have to look at my notes one more time to see what the document could possibly be.

I still have to look at my flashcards too.

I wasn’t too tired today, but I probably could have taken a nap. I got coffee though, because my body really felt like it needed it after my biology exam.

My alarm clock didn’t go off this morning. I am a worst case scenario person, so I also had the alarm on my phone set to go off. It turns out my body clock is better than both of them. I woke up before my alarms even had the chance to go off. I was waiting for my actual alarm clock to go off, but it never did.

I can’t believe I took 3 finals today.

I spent the rest of the day watching reality TV and then I started to study at like 7 PM.

I also talked to my mom today.

My exam tomorrow isn’t until 1:30 PM, so I am going to try to stay up a little later again tonight so that I can study.

It is now 10:02 PM.

My high of the day – 2/3 exams weren’t bad. My low of the day – I still have no idea what to get my friend for Christmas.