Blog #451, Day 463.

Sunday December 10th, 2017 at 11:17 PM.

Today was kind of a disaster of a day.

It started out somewhat okay. Then, it started to snow.

My roommate said that she wouldn’t be coming back to school tonight, because of the weather, specifically the snow. I instantly started to freak out, and continued to for about 3 hours. She said she would come back tomorrow morning, but my mom thought it would be too risky to rely on her.

I have 3 exams tomorrow and the first is at 8:30 AM, so I had to be back tonight.

Anyway, I am back at school.

My parents brought me back. Of course, I wasn’t the one driving but it really didn’t seem to be that bad once we got out of our town.

I have been studying since about 7 PM.

I don’t think it has been too effective.

At this point in time, I am not too nervous about the accounting exam, really worried about my economics exam, and really haven’t thought about my biology exam.

The biology exam isn’t cumulative and it’s the last exam I have tomorrow, so it kind of got pushed off to the side. It’s definitely going to be a test I know I could’ve done better on, but because of the circumstances it just has to be a lower grade. I feel a little guilty about it.

It’s only my fault. I should’ve asked to reschedule one of my exams.

It is now 11:26 PM.

I am pretty surprised I am not stressing myself out about tomorrow.

It might be because I am so stressed that I just don’t feel it anymore.

Also, surprised that I am not freaking out about how late it is (for me). Usually, if I am at school I am in bed by 9:00 PM.

I don’t even have my pajamas on. I still have my shoes on.

It is now 11:29 PM.

At this time tomorrow I will be done with 3 of my exams.

My high of the day – I am happy that we got here and my parents got back without anything awful happening. My low of the day – I definitely should have studied better, but I think it is because I was just waiting to get back to school to really study, and trying to figure out how I was getting back to school was very stressful.





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