Blog #345, Day 357.

Sunday August 27th, 2017 at 9:37 PM.

I am back at school watching Impractical Jokers on TV.

I did some differential equations practice problems. I have a quiz tomorrow, and I am really hoping it goes well.

I did an online chapter quiz for Western Civilizations.

I had some mac and cheese and ramen noodles today.

I am really worried about my quiz tomorrow.

I have four classes tomorrow and I am only really looking forward to one.

I’m really just looking forward to eating breakfast tomorrow.

I am also really looking forward to having next Monday off.

I am going to finish watching this episode and then listen to a podcast.

My high of the day – getting some stuff done was a nice feeling. My low of the day – I’m really stressed about this quiz tomorrow.

It is now 9:44 PM.