Blog #340, Day 352.

Tuesday August 22nd, 2017 at 8:22 PM.

I can’t believe it is only Tuesday.

I only had one class today which was nice, because I was done with my day by 11 AM.

A seat in Western Civilization opened and I was able to register, but now I am worried I won’t have the book I need in time. I definitely won’t have it in time.

I haven’t done any homework and that is probably a bad thing, because I am sure there is something I could be doing.

I did take another nap today, but it was a real short one.

In my class today the professor made us stand up in front of the class and introduce ourselves. That was not fun.

There was another tornado warning today, but it didn’t really affect me, because it started to rain at noon, and by that point I had nowhere to go.

I have had 3 tornado warnings sent to my phone in the last month. I think that’s a weird thing to say especially because I didn’t realize that I live in an area that could geographically have a tornado.

It is now 8:31 PM.

I have to wake up early tomorrow to shower. I am hoping for a solid 8 hours tonight.

My high of the day – dropping my philosophy class. My low of the day – the $230 book I need was available for rent this morning for “only” $90, but by the time I got back to my dorm it was already out of stock.