Blog #297, Day 309.

Friday June 30th, 2017 at 9:39 PM.

I stayed home today.

I was able to finish about a season and a half of Younger. 

Now, I am about to try to distress one of my old pair of jeans that wore out on the inside of the thighs. I figure I have nothing else to do with them. I have decided that I will first need to find a needle and some sewing thread.

I did some online shopping too, but I really need to stop that.

I am really hot right now, like sticky hot. I don’t even want to put the jeans on to figure out where to cut them.

I only have 1 more full month of vacation, and then it’s back to college. That’ll suck.

My mom comes home in like 5 days, that should be interesting.

It is now 9:43 PM.




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