Blog #287, Day 299.

Tuesday June 20th, 2017 at 7:37 PM.

I am doing this early tonight, because I am finally leaving the house. Only because I have to. My friend keeps asking me if I want to do stuff and I’ve been saying no, and I figure if I keep saying no, then she’s not going to ask anymore. 

We are going to the drive in for “retro” night. They’re showing 2 movies and I really have no interest in either of them, but I feel like I have to go. 

I am a little worried that I am going to fall asleep or have to pee the whole time.

I drank a pot and half of coffee, and I am kind of crashing right now. 

I have, however; come to the conclusion that I could never do hard drugs. 

I had one pot of coffee and I did 3 loads of laundry, swept 3 times, did the dishes (well I ran the dishwasher), cleaned off the coffee table, polished the coffee table, folded the laundry, put the dishes away, and dusted. Like honestly that’s fucking weird. 

Didn’t bother cleaning my own room though, because that’s just too much.

I ate 4 pieces of toast today. I love carbs, I don’t need them, but I love them.

That’s about it.

I am now finally about to leave the house, and I don’t feel good about. Once again, that’s probably not a good thing. 

Fuck, I really don’t want to watch either or these movies.

It is now 7:49 PM.