Blog #256, Day 268.

Saturday May 20th, 2017 at 9:47 PM.

I am outside right now, which means I got out of the house today.

I am at my friend’s house, and they have a bonfire. 

I went to my friend’s sister’s work again today. Then, we went to the store for my mom. After, we took her grandma to a bar. 

We will probably have to leave soon to pick her up.

I still haven’t gotten anymore applications, and I probably need to get on that soon.

I ate a hamburger with cheese on it today, which is kind of a milestone for me.

It is now 10:41 PM.

I am home. 

We went to pick her grandma up, and that was an interesting ride back.

It is now 10:42 PM.

I am going to eat some corned beef.

My high of the day – hanging out with friends. My low of the day – I probably really should have gotten some applications. 




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