Blog #244, Day 256.

Monday May 8th, 2017 at 8:41 PM.

I am doing this now, because I need to stare at some flashcards for about an hour.

If anyone is reading this could you by any chance put some vibes out there that the essay is about European expansion after 1400. It would be much appreciated.

I think I finished the calculus III test corrections, but I am going to go to her office hours tomorrow to make sure. At least I hope I will, and that I don’t wimp out at the last-minute.

Even if I get the points for these corrections I would still need a 75 on the final which really isn’t a lot, but like it kind of is.

I also need to study for my math structures class, because that exam is on Wednesday.

I mean I need to study for everything at this point.

5 days, just 5 days.

Until I fail a semester of college. Just kidding, it should only be like 2 classes. Whoops.

I really don’t know how to study for a math class though. In high school (I know it was high school and it was different) we had so many practice sheets and actual physical homework that allowed for repetition, which really helped your girl out.

I did print out like 5 practice tests for economics so hopefully that’ll do something for me. Also hoping that since I have done well on the other philosophy tests that I’ll do well on this one.

Lots of hoping going on this week.

I really need to study.

It is now 8:49 PM.

Pray for me.

My high of the day – not having an exam. My low of the day – still don’t know anything.




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