Blog #242, Day 254.

Saturday May 6th, 2017 at 11:18 PM.

I spent a lot of today in bed.

We did walk to the plaza near by, and I got 2 of the 3 things I needed so that’s good. I also got cookies, and that was really good.

It kind  of sucked walking there and back since it was raining, but at this point I’m used to it.

It has rained here all day everyday since Wednesday.

I also kind of started studying, but not really.

Only 7 days left.

This time next week I will be done with my first year of college. Oh my lord.

I am now terrified to think about what my summer will be like.

Hopefully, I will be working and have my license. I really just want my license.

I’m not gonna lie sometimes it actually hurts my heart to watch someone at school get in their car and drive away, because I just want it so badly.

I really don’t know what else to say.

I didn’t shower today, and I can feel how dirty my hair is, but I really just didn’t want to.

It is now 11:23 PM.

My roommate isn’t back yet, and I am hoping she doesn’t come back tonight.

My high of the day – getting off campus, even though we had to walk in the rain. My low of the day – not studying.





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