Blog #240, Day 252.

Thursday May 4th, 2017 at 8:31 PM.

I still have not studied.

I am a little mad at myself. A lot actually, but all I want to do is lay in bed, and once I get in my bed I can’t bring myself to get up.

I’m sure I will be super stressed out about tomorrow, and over the weekend.

I don’t have a final on Monday, though so that is kind of something to look forward to.

I still didn’t get my World History paper back, but we probably will at the final.

I did get my economics test back. Apparently the average score was a 60, and I got a 66.67. I got 11 questions wrong. He is curving it, so I actually got an 87. There was a 20 point curve, but he rounds according to basic math practices.

I only have to make through 3 more classes. SO WEIRD!!

Tim Horton’s forgot my food order today, but the coffee cup was actually full to the lid. So much so that I actually spilled it on myself twice.

I actually ate at Tim Horton’s twice today. That’s probably not healthy.

Also, I did some reading today during dinner, because my friend was talking on the phone, and I found out that I use the sweetener that causes cancer, well I guess it is actually saccharin that does it. I think anyway, I was a little confused, because I Was also reading about aspartame.

It is now 8:41 PM.

I keep playing with this stress ball that I found in my closet.

My high of the day – finding out there was a curve was pretty nice. My low of the day – my roommate just bought a hair dryer. She had it for maybe 10 minutes and already used it. Can’t wait to hear that at 6 AM.




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