Blog #239, Day 251.

Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 at 8:16 PM.

My ears feel like they are on fire.

I am really hungry, because I didn’t go to dinner tonight, so now I am making ramen noodles, but I added to much water, and I am kind of stressing out about.

Definitely should have started studying tonight, but still didn’t. I will learn my lesson eventually.

I am actually really hot. I need to open my window back up all the way.

I only have 5 classes left which is kind of crazy. I am also stressed about that.

I probably going to lay in bed staring at my computer screen for next 3 hours again tonight. Except, I have to be up at 7 AM tomorrow, and that sucks.

My roommate’s alarm woke me up at 6 AM and I was wide awake until about 7:30 AM. Then, when I had to get up at 8:30 AM it felt like I was waking up from the dead.

I went to the registrar’s office tonight. Nothing was really resolved.

My calculus professor is dropping the quiz we took on Monday, because all of us did really poorly on it. I think that says more about her, than us, but I’ll just leave that there.

I got chicken noodle soup from Tim Horton’s today and it was very disappointing. I still ate it all, but it was less than ideal.

It is now 8:23 PM.

I need to go so that I have as much time as possible to watch LIVE PD.

My ramen noodles are done too, but I need to keep putting them in the microwave so that the water will go away. My roommate keeps giving me looks though, because my microwave will beep every 30 seconds after it’s done, which is kind of rich coming from her.

That reminds that this morning I told her that her 6 AM alarm woke me and that I was wide awake afterwards and then the next time I woke up I basically couldn’t. She actually told me that it was best to get up the first time you wake up to which I responded with didn’t you press snooze this morning. She said she didn’t she just set two alarms 5 minutes from each other. Bitch that is snooze, she is just an idiot sometimes. I also can’t stand her sometimes, but I am trying to be better with 9 days left in the semester.

Okay, now I am actually going to stop.

It is 8:28 PM.

My high of the day – my math structures professor ended class 30 minutes early. My low of the day – the chicken noodle soup was so disappointing.



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