Blog #238, Day 250.

Tuesday May 2nd, 2017 at 8:26 PM.

I am getting this done pretty early tonight.

I just finished my math structures homework, and I am happy about. I wanted to start it earlier in the day, like between my 2 class, so around 10:30 AM, but I didn’t actually start working on it until 1:30 PM. Which is a long time, but I did go to lunch, dinner, and took a shower during that time too.

I think I made pretty good time. I am really hoping I did well on this because there is a possibility of getting 60 points, but it will go into the grade book out of 40, and I would like just a small cushion.

I really wanted to get this done now, because I just want to lay in bed and watch whatever on my computer for the next 3 hours. I figure that even if I was asleep by midnight I would still get 8 hours of sleep.

I stayed up kind of late last night (until a little after midnight, so not really that late), which was strange because I usually like to get as much sleep as possible before my 8 AM, because I am terrified of falling asleep in that class.

I only had 2 classes today, which is always great.

My economics test was nothing like the review test, so there goes an A.

I should probably be studying for finals next week, but I just want to vegetate.

I bought a hat for my mom for mother’s day, but it is like a winter hat, so I don’t know whether or not it will be well received, but I think I am just going to put together a bag of stuff I know she likes, so there’s more than a winter hat.

I am trying to think of what else happened today.

My World History professor didn’t have our papers graded, but I’m not really surprised because he has at least fifty 8 page papers to read.

It rained all day long again.

I’m talking about the weather, and that’s usually my sign that I need to wrap it up.

It is now 8:35 PM.

I am going to stare at my computer screen for the next 3 hours.

My high of the day – buying the hat for my mom. My low of the day – that economics test was kind of ridiculous.



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