Blog #236, Day 248.

Sunday April 30th, 2017 at 9:13 PM.

Tomorrow is May 1st, and I know I may be stating the obvious, but those 8 months flew by.

I just finished my calculus homework. I worked on it for roughly 5 hours, and still only got an 81%.

I took a break from it to write a scathing course evaluation for the class, and by for the class I mean for the professor. I didn’t think I was going to go so mean on my course evaluations, but I did, because I got angry.

I don’t mean to sound pretentious when I say this, but I am smart. I may not have the most common sense, but I can do a lot of things with numbers. Could anyway. It wasn’t until this class that I had an issue, and I am willing to guarantee it is the professor.

I know that it isn’t fair to blame my shortcomings on someone else, but when that someone else’s job is to teach me I am going to blame them.

Last semester, I had no idea what computer science was, or what I would ever need to do with it, but I had a great professor, and I got an A, so I do genuinely believe I would be doing better with a different professor.

Also, she is my advisor and the only professor that teaches a few of the classes I have to take, so that sucks.

I must say that the only thing I miss about my old school is that the professor were better. But, that may just be the difference between private and public schools. They were much better at my private school, than here. Sorry, but it’s true.

Today, my grandparents brought me back to school, and took my friend and I out to eat. Our waitress was probably the worst waitress I have ever seen. She wasn’t mean, but she did not know what was going on.

After that we went to the store, and then I just came back here.

Only 13 days left.

That’s honestly unbelievable to me.

I’ll have 3 months off before school starts again, and that is definitely something to look forward to. Although, I think I’m going to have to get a job, but I don’t really know how to do that.

My roommate gave me a 5-leafed clover today. She really isn’t all that bad.

My room smells absolutely disgusting.

I have to get ready for bed still.

It is 9:25 PM.

My high if the day – being with my grandparents. My low of the day – just hating Calculus III.



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