Blog #233, Day 245.

Thursday April 27th, 2017 at 9:46 PM.

I started my day out by sleeping through my alarm for 20 minutes. It goes off at 7:04 AM and I didn’t wake up till 7:25 AM. My roommate also just let me sleep through it for 20 minutes, which means she listened to it for 20 minutes. She actually hasn’t bothered me at all today.

I am actually going home tomorrow, but I still don’t think I will be doing anything this weekend.

I might sleep over at my grandma’s house, but I am not really sure about that.

I started to watch #GIRLBOSS, and it makes me want to have my own website. I am easily persuaded.

I have been trying to buy jeans, online, and it is very difficult. I am just worried that the moment I buy them that there will be a better sale.

We walked to the plaza near campus today, but that was awful.

The weather said it would be 68°F today, but it was actually 82°F. I was dying. I am not a fan of those temperatures. I max out at like 72°F.

Now, it is pouring outside.

I bought a jar of pickles today, and they were very disappointing. I also broke my shoes in one of the stores, and I was very sad about it, but I already ordered another pair. Not the pair I had, but a different pair off of Amazon. They were only $8 and 2-day shipping, so how can you go wrong. Well, they might be the wrong size, so that is how you could do wrong.

I thought one of my classes could be cancelled today, but it wasn’t. I didn’t really care though, because I really didn’t think it would be. Plus, the string of emails the professor sent were kind of funny, to me at least.

I talked to my grandmother for quite a while on the phone. She made me apply for a job.

It is now 9:59 PM.

My high of the day – I got a shirt for $5 on sale at the store. My low of the day – either sweating my ass off (I wish) or breaking my sandal.





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