Blog #214, Day 224.

Thursday April 6th, 2017 at 6:57 PM.

It has rained all day today.

It is kind of early for me to be doing this, but I am really tired, and I am about to take a Motrin and hopefully go to bed.

I didn’t have Tim Horton’s or Starbucks today, maybe that’s why I am so tired.

I got into the substance housing, so that’s where I will be living next year. I am happy about, I think, I really am not sure how excited I am for it.

I did half of my calculus assignment today, and I am hoping I will finish it tomorrow.

I should be making philosophy flashcards, but I just want to lay down.

I ate 2 bags of popcorn today, and had a milkshake. All of it was good.

My friend’s girl that she was hosting went home today.

I didn’t almost fall asleep at all in World History today, and I was actually wide awake for the whole class.

My roommate woke up at 5:30 AM to work on homework (not in the dorm), but she came in at 7:30 AM and was complaining about not being able to do her Calculus I homework, so I said I would look at it. It was so easy, and I miss when math was that easy for me to do. I ended doing all of it, except finding the absolute max/min, because that’s a hassle, and I also needed to leave for class. She said she just wanted help, but she took the piece of paper I did all the work on. As I thought about it a little more I realized that she was banking on me offering to help her, because she had none of it done, and she was on her way to calculus. She was lucky that I was in the mood to show off my superior Calculus I skills. That was a joke, in case you couldn’t pick up on it.

Lunch was also really funny today.

When we went to got a milkshake we saw at least 8 of the lacrosse players and they all had the same exact outfit on, literally the same outfit.

It is now 7:08 PM.

My high of the day – my economics class was only 30 minutes long. My low of the day – I missed out on the fresh salsa at our dining hall.




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