Blog #205, Day 215.

Tuesday March 28th, 2017 at 9:09 PM.

I have my advising meeting tomorrow, and I am really worried about it. I am also really worried that I will have to basically repeat a semester over again, but I am also trying not to think about it. Maybe I will work up the courage to tell show her why I missed the graph while doing my corrections, probably not though.

I can’t even find 5 classes to fill my schedule up so that is also kind of terrible.

My roommate is currently not here and I am hoping it stays that way. Everything she did today annoyed me. She also woke me up in the morning, and whenever she does that I fully anticipate me being angry with her for the rest of the day.

I did 2 problems on my calculus homework, and I am hoping I get a lot more done tomorrow.

After I finish this I am probably going to try to figure out my schedule again.

A lot of kids had their schedule practically made before their meeting, but I am not in that boat. I have a lot of questions that I will probably be too afraid to ask, so that’ll be awesome.


I also turned in the form for the substance free housing, and we will probably end up there, since it is a party school, and I don’t know how many kids will want to commit to being substance free upon returning to their dorm room. Part of me was scared to turn it in, because there is a part of me that wants to be the person that goes out, but then there is a larger part of me that knows that’ll probably never happen.

I stood in line at Tim Horton’s today for 20 minutes, the line was the longest I have ever seen it be. Once I got up there they didn’t even have plain bagels left at it was really only 9:30 AM, but my favorite girl was working there, and I got 2 hash browns, so it’s all good.

My RA is so loud, or at least the people in her room are.

It is now 9:20 PM.

My high of the day – I wasn’t really pressured to get anything done today, and that’s always nice. My low of the day – I was struggling to stay awake in World History today.




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