Blog #201, Day 211.

Friday March 24th, 2017 at 8:29 PM.

I am currently alone in my dorm, and I am hoping this is what my next two days will look like.

I think the is only the 2nd or 3rd time I have stayed at school for the weekend. I really think it is the 3rd though.

I did some of my homework today, but then I stopped.

My goal is to get at least half of it done tomorrow.

I ate a salad today. Mostly, because it is the easiest thing to bring back to my dorm, and I also stocked up on food, so that I wouldn’t have to leave my dorm tomorrow, obviously.

Today in math structures class only 3 other people showed up, and he still held class, and for the full hour and 20 minutes, which he hasn’t done all week, so I was not too happy to be there.

My roommate brought her boyfriend back to the dorm, and he broke this thing she always plays with, and she was really mad at him. She said they weren’t leaving until he fixes it, and I don’t think i have ever hoped for someone to fix something so much. The thing he broke is something one of the girls I know got her, and my roommate said it was something someone ordered especially for her, but the girl got one for everyone. Awkward.

I had 2 coffees today and 2 hash browns, and I was very happy about that decision.

I was also right about having a quiz in philosophy today, and I finally got a 4/5, and I was a little upset with myself.

At this point, my mom hasn’t asked me if I am coming home today, and I am curious if she even will. I haven’t even talked to her since Monday, at like 8 AM.

It is now 8:36 PM.

I am probably going to spend the next 6 hours on the internet.

My high of the day – ordering 2 hash browns. My low of the day – staying in the class with 3 other people. I should’ve left when I had the chance, we all should’ve left when we had the chance.




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