Blog #200, Day 210.

Thursday March 23rd, 2017 at 10:01 PM.

I guess it is a late night for me.

I just got an email from the chair of the history department here, and it said it was an invitation to be a history major, or minor. I was very flattered, because it means that a professor had to recommend me for that, and it just made me happy.

I got my midterm grades today and they weren’t really bad. I have at least an A- in 3 of my classes, but they are the classes they don’t really matter for me. I mean all the classes matter, but they aren’t the classes that I need for my major. I have a D in the class that I actually need to do well in, which is very disappointing for me.

I went with my friend to tour the suites, and it turns out that you do need 6 people before you can even sign up for a suite, so it looks like I won’t be in a suite next semester, which is also really disappointing. I personally want to be in a suite, because it is the same price as a dorm, but you get your own kitchen which I think would be very nice, and it makes more sense to me.

I barely did any homework today.

I tried to my calculus homework, but gave up rather quickly.

This weekend is going to suck.

One, because I will be staying here, and I am hoping that my roommate is going to stay at her boyfriend’s.

Two, because my calculus assignment is due on Sunday, and my math structures assignment is due on Monday. I have yet to even start the math structures assignment.

I will probably have a quiz tomorrow in philosophy, and I don’t really know/understand what we have been doing this week, so that’ll be interesting.

I drank nowhere neat enough water today.

I am going to try to be asleep tonight by 11 PM. Pray for me.

Although I have noticed since taking the sleep aid medicine (only 2 nights, but this is the 3rd) that I still wake up periodically through the night, and I actually think I do it more.

It is now 10:10 PM.

My high of the day – definitely getting the email about having promise as a history major/student. My low of the day – I am pretty disappointed in myself for my calculus grade.

Also, it’s kind of weird to think that I have written 200 of these.





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