Blog #198, Day 208.

Tuesday March 21st, 2017 at 8:17 PM.

Today was a good day.

I got an A- on my World History midterm. I got out of economics 35 minutes. Like I said, a good day.

We also walked the closest plaza, and I am pretty sure that we went into every store in the plaza, except for the gym and liquor store.

I got some ZzzQuil, and I told myself that I would take it at 8 PM, and I still haven’t, so I got to get on that.

I was able to fall asleep last night until 1:30 AM.

I actually ate a somewhat healthy lunch today. I had cod and green beans. Although, I did have a bagel and a hash brown from Tim Horton’s, so they probably cancel each other. Tim Horton’s was advertising a new “smoother and richer blend”, but it still tasted like peroxide, in my humble opinion.

I got yelled at in the dining hall, because as we were leaving we tried to take more than 1 banana. I replied with a major eye roll and head turn, and I also said that I pay for your job buddy. so I am probably banned for life now. Who knows? Afterwards, we went to the convenience store and the cashier in there was just as fired up about it as we were.

I took 14,572 steps today, which is the most I have done in a while.

I started to “create” my schedule for next semester, and considered taking online courses over the summer, but only for like 15 minutes.

I also started my assignment for calculus, which isn’t due until Sunday, but it is already Wednesday basically, so actually not that impressive. I should really work on my math structures assignment, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.

I am trying to drink more water, but I kind of forget to throughout the day, and I am scared to drink 2 bottles right now, because I am scared that the ZzzQuil will knock me out, and I won’t get up to go to the bathroom, and then I pee my pants. That would be really embarrassing.

It is now 8:34 PM.

I am going to do my shot of ZzzQuil.

Smells awful, and tastes bad too; however, I must say  that if I did drink I would probably be really good at taking shots. My friend at my old school told me that when I did “shots” of the powder drink mix-ins. I took it as a compliment.

It is now 8:38 PM.

My high of the day – walking to the plaza, and the antics that ensued while we were there. My low of the day – shaving my legs in a 2.5 foot by 2.5 foot shower, didn’t cut myself though, so also a small victory.





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