Blog #194, Day 204.

Friday March 17th 2017, at 11:45 PM.

I just got home.

We ended up actually going bowling, but I did not do very well. We went with the new guy too.

I like him, the new addition, but I feel guilty for it, kind of anyway. I feel guilty for 2 reasons. One, because I feel like bad for the guy he could be potentially replacing, because I feel like that is what he is doing, and I don’t want the “old” guy to feel like he was easily replaced. Two, because I am actually kind of jealous, I think. Me and him have somewhat similar backgrounds and like he just seems to be very understanding, and also he is pretty funny, but I am jealous because I don’t think someone like him would ever like someone like me.

Moving on.

I blow dried my hair today for the first time in years, and I remembered why I don’t do that anymore. I really needed it to be dry so that I could curl it, because I now like how that looks.

I tried to sleep in really late today, since it is my last fay of spring break, but I wasn’t too successful at it. I didn’t even make it to noon. Well actually that’s a lie. I didn’t get out bed until 1:15 PM, but  I couldn’t stay asleep past noon. I was surprised about that too, because I was up till 4 AM last night. 

I think that about covers it for the day.

I didn’t really do anything particular to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but I did wear green.

I just remembered that my friend said “and that’s why I love you, I really do”, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say that before.

It is now 11:56 PM.

Sorry for any typos. 

My high of the day – bowling for sure. I actually got a strike this time. My low of the day – realizing that I’ll probably die alone.


It is now 12:00 AM.

I had such a good streak of getting these up before midnight, but now that is obliterated. 




2 thoughts on “Blog #194, Day 204.

  1. This post was like a series of brain explosions. Haha. I loved it. Very entertaining.
    And if that guy gets replaced. Unfortunately, he didn’t do enough to secure that place in your life. Unlucky for him.


    1. Hhaha, yeah just kind of how my brain works sometimes. This was really sweet to read, and it made me smile, thank you! Unfortunately, it’s not really my choice, since he is my friend’s little sister’s boyfriend, and it has been a little rocky lol. Thank you again, it means a lot!!💕💕

      Liked by 1 person

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