Blog #188, Day 198.

Saturday March 11th, 2017 at 9:53 PM.

Back to my basic at home blogs.

I was up before noon today, I mean it was 11:54 AM, but technically still before noon. My phone died at some point last night, so every time I woke up I wasn’t able to check the time, a blessing really.

I spent most of my day on the couch and on my phone.

I have had multiple Italian ices and of course tater tots.

I was going to hang out with my friend tonight, but to be honest I was relieved that I didn’t get a text from her asking if I wanted to hang out. I was not feeling getting dressed.

I opened my sneakers, and I do like them, and they fit a lot more comfortably than my other new pair.

It is now 9:57 PM.

My high of the day – laying on the couch with my dog. My low of the day – I don’t think there is one. I really love not having to leave my house.




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