Blog #181, Day 191.

Saturday March 4th, 2017 at 9:08 PM.

I forgot how boring it is to stay at school over the weekend when you don’t have any friends.

On one hand,  I don’t really mind because I can just lay in bed all day without any judgement or obligations, but on the other it really is boring.

At one point today I started to sweep, and I also felt the “need” to move my power strip to the other plug. Really ground breaking stuff.

Also, I have not talked to one other human being today. I would say that I haven’t talked to anyone at all, but I have obviously talked to myself, in fact I am doing right now, so that would have just been a blatant lie.

I haven’t seen my roommate since yesterday, and I think maybe I should be concerned, I don’t really know though.

Although, she was not here she still managed to wake me up this morning. You might be wondering how that is possible given that she wasn’t even here, well let me tell you. She still had an alarm set for 6:30 AM on a Saturday. It probably went off for 5 minutes before I even realized that that noise was coming from my dorm. Then, it took another solid 2 minutes of it blaring in my face, for me to figure out how to make it stop without ripping the cord out of the plug. I actually fell asleep last night with all her lights on, so I also turned those off at 6:30 AM.

I didn’t sleep till noon today, which was my goal, but I did spend almost all of my day in my bed. However, I did put jeans on to go downstairs to get my package, but the front office (where the RAs are that give you your packages) is not open at all on Saturdays, so that kind of sucked. I really needed the shoes, so that I could try them on before ordering another pair, but I still ordered the other pair anyway. I won’t even get that pair this week, because I got them shipped to my house just in case they wouldn’t get delivered before spring break.

I probably should have done my math structures homework, but now I will have something to do tomorrow (even though I knew the whole time that I would not start it until Sunday).

Today brought back a lot of memories from my old school, seeing as it was basically the same ways I would spend my Saturdays there.

It is now 9:23 PM.

My high of the day – being alone in my dorm is much more favorable than being with my roommate in my dorm. My low of the day – that I couldn’t get my package.





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