Blog #180, Day 190.

Friday March 3rd, 2017 at 8:24 PM.

I am currently alone in my dorm which is really the best case scenario for what could have happened tonight.

I am eating Laffy Taffy and re-watching The Hills.

I have already eaten a bag of popcorn, a thing of Laffy Taffy, and a cookie. I also drank a Gatorade and I am onto my 2nd one, and I am saving my other cookie for later tonight.

The closest thing I have had to a meal today was a sub.

I took my Calculus III test today, and it was a test for sure. I think the highest maximum score I could get is like a 75.

I actually think I have failed every test I took this week. Welcome to my college experience.

My philosophy professor still didn’t have the tests graded, so I don’t know how I did on that one, and I think that is the one I most likely got an okay grade on.

My roommate came in, turned all of her lamps on, and then left, again. She also woke me up again this morning, but didn’t last night, so it’s 50/50 I guess.

I have a math structures homework already due on Monday, so I already know I will be spending my Sunday.

I week until Spring Break.

I did end up opening the window last night and I slept great.

I am actually kind of tired, but I know I will not be asleep before midnight, actually I hope I am not. I am trying to sleep till at least noon tomorrow.

It is now 8:34 PM.

I am probably going to open my window and eat my cookie now.

I hope whoever had a great Friday night. I shall live through you.

My high of the day – probably the amount of calories I consumed today, which is something I am okay with now, but will regret greatly at some later. My low of the day – I never got something for me to eat tomorrow, so I might have to leave my dorm, but also I probably won’t, because I’m sure I could find something in my dorm, but also it is very cold right now. I just thought of this now, but watching people leave and hearing people getting ready to go out is pretty sad and disappointing for me.




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