Blog #179, Day 189.

Thursday March 2nd, 2017 at 9:33 PM.

I am currently very stressed about taking my Calculus III test tomorrow, and the more I think about the more I feel like I am going to fail.

I tried to study. I probably definitely could have tried harder, but I don’t know how to study. I never needed to in high school, and the only times I would try to I would actually do worse on my tests. I am really hoping I pass.

I also didn’t study for my economics today, and I do not think that went well. I did the practice test, but they were nothing like the actual test.

I have been just plain angry today though.

I have said it before, and I will say it again, I like my environment to be colder when I sleep, so last night I opened the window. I also didn’t fall asleep until 12:30 AM, because my roommate left all 3 of her lamps on when she left, and I really didn’t want to touch her stuff, so I didn’t turn them off until 12 AM, and I only turned off 2 of them. She then came back at 12:30 AM, and kind of woke me anyway. She also just so happened to wake me up this morning. She was crawling (hands and knees) on our windowsill to close the window (on my side, which I really hate that she was that close to me in sleep, but that’s mostly because I am weird about people watching me sleep) at 6:30 AM when I had like 50 more minutes of sleep, because it was “cold” in here, and there was snow on the ground. I actually turned as said “what the fuck are you doing”. Hence, I was woken up, and I was angry about it, and then the anger just followed me throughout the day. I am still angry about, and I think I am going to be super petty and open it again tonight.

I have not ordered anything online today, which is good because I think I am on the brink of an addiction.

I have 2 test again next week on Thursday and Friday. Not 2 on each day, just 1 on each, but 2 days in a row.

For dinner tonight I made my own bowl, kind of like a Chipotle bowl,in the dining hall. It was too bad, but my friend was not impressed. I really just did it so I had an excuse to eat fresh salsa.

I really don’t know what I am going to do about that calculus test.

My new Converse should be here tomorrow, so that’s cool, because both of the pairs I have at school are falling apart. That is one of the reasons I am using to justify buying another pair.

It is now 9:48 PM.

I am going to try to get a well-rested sleep so that I am best prepared for my test tomorrow. This test is really taking up a lot of my mind space.

My high of the day – We had dinner with a girl that I have never really talked to before, and I actually said stuff, and we shared stories about my roommate, because that girl (my roommate) is a little strange and everyone knows it. Actually we saw someone we graduated with and he is also friends with some of the girls who live on my floor, and he also asked how living with her was going and if I had any stories, which of course I did. My low of the day – the economics test was kind of brutal. It’s most likely me just getting dumber by the day.

It is now 9:52 PM.





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