Blog #177, Day 187.

Tuesday February 28th, 2017 at 9:43 PM.

I am very excited to get to bed tonight.

I finished my math structures homework around 9 PM. I started it at 3 PM, but I did go to dinner, shower, and go to door decorating within that time frame.

My friend and I decided to sign up to go to the door decorating activity, and it was actually pretty good. There weren’t a lot of people, which I liked, and the 2 girls we met were laughing at my jokes, so that was nice.

I made an E, for my name, that was redundant. I just covered the whole thing in glitter, and now I am covered in glitter, and so is all my stuff. We are supposed to hang it on our doors, but mine was so weighed down by glitter and glue that I had to glue it to a piece of cardboard, and now I just have it in my room. It’ll probably stay in my room for the rest of the semester.

Only having 2 classes today was obviously great, and I think I say that every time.

I have to pee again, I literally went like 10 minutes ago, however; I did just drink 3 bottles of water. I am trying to drink more water, because I used to drink a lot, but now I just get pop, which is kind of a waste of calories, in my humble opinion.

I am interested to see how  I did on my philosophy test, and already hoping I get out early from math structures. That class is going to be the death of me.

My package is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I am pretty excited. I am a little worried that by the time it gets here I won’t be able to pick it up from the front desk, because it is only open certain hours.

Oh, and about housing we already got housing applications for next semester. I just moved in! Now, they already have me thinking about moving everything out and back in again. Although by then I will have probably acquired a lot more things. I’m not really sure why I used the word acquire.

I also still really want to order another pair of Converse, and I think I am starting to justify it.

It is now 9:56 PM.

My high of the day – making my door decoration. My low of the day – definitely the amount of glitter that is now everywhere.



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