Blog #171, Day 181.

Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 at 9:01 PM.

Today is my mom’s birthday. I think I need to issue a retraction (I don’t know if I am using this word properly) , my mom was not doing something she shouldn’t have been doing, she just left her phone in someone’s truck.

It is now 9:12 PM.

My roommate and I were just talking. Once she starts she doesn’t stop.

I got my mom a birthday gift, but she still hasn’t told me whether or not she has opened. I feel bad that she is alone on her birthday, and the situation at home is still going on.

I finished my book which was the most important thing I had to do today. I finished around 7:30 PM, and I ended up with 12 pages of hand written notes.

I am definitely looking forward to only having 2 classes tomorrow, and on Friday, since I am skipping my 3rd class on Friday, and it’s the class I like the least.

I started my calculus homework today too, already have a 29 %.

I fed my caffeine addiction today as well. Like my philosophy professor said “a drug addiction is only bad once you run out of drugs”.

I am hoping that tomorrow and Friday go by relatively quickly.

My aunt is visiting for the weekend, and that is why I am going home this weekend. Although, I think my mom would’ve wanted me to come home this weekend anyway, after what happened last weekend.

I ate a turkey burger for dinner today, absolutely disgusting. I am honestly surprised that I finished it, but I feel really bad about wasting food. Especially here, because you have to give your dirty dishes to a person.

It is now 9:24 PM.

My high of the day – finishing my book. Also, my mom finally answering was cool. My low of the day – I think my mom was alone today, and that sucks.

It is now 9:27 PM.

A little update:

It is now 9:32 PM.

All I can hear are the girls next door to me getting ready to go out, and it may be the most depressing thing, because I know that’ll never be me, but a part of me would like it to be.




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