Blog #164, Day 174.

Wednesday February 15th, 2017 at 8:41 PM.

Honestly, it was another day that I didn’t really have too much I had to get done.

Tomorrow is Thursday, which means it is almost Friday, which means I won’t have to leave my bed for 2 days.

Only 2 classes, always a pleasure.

I really want to sleep, like a lot.

Also, an update on my roommate, last night she took yogurt out of its container and put into a bowl. That’s weird. She also scraped the bowl the whole time. And this morning, she left her phone in here with the alarm on, and left the room, so that ruined my last good hour sleep, once again. I’ve said before, but I am really starting to get aggravated by her.

I haven’t had Tim Horton’s in 2 days, which I think is the longest I have gone while I have been here.

I got my math structures test back, and I did fail, but not miserably.

I woke up this morning and there was like 4 inches, and there was no snow the night before, so that was a little surprising. I think it is supposed to snow tonight too.

We ate at the dining hall today, and it actually wasn’t too bad. It was kind of Thanksgiving food, but I also had 2 bowls (more like 1, because the bowls were the size of teacups) of Lucky Charms, so you can’t really go to wrong. I really wanted candy, but that’s not readily available, so I had cookies instead.

It is now 8:50 PM.

I need to print my notes for World History out and then, hopefully, go to bed.

I also need to remember to study for my economics quiz tomorrow.

My high of the day – this whole not having to do homework thing is pretty nice. My low of the day – I mean failing a test obviously sucks, but I mean I also really still want candy.



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