Blog #154, Day 164.

Sunday February 5th, 2017 at 10:55 PM.

I spent most of the day just reading. I only read 100 pages, but I just couldn’t do it anymore. It’s also really going to suck having to read tomorrow.

I also finished my math structures homework, I think I’m looking at a 20% for that assignment. 

I did get wrapped in watching the Super Bowl. It was quite the rollercoaster of emotions. I think it would have been nice to see Atlanta win, but no one can deny how good Brady is, but I had no stake in it either way.

I also didn’t even look at what my Philosophy homework was, but he said he just put in up there, so if we wanted to look at it we could. He was very sympathetic to the fact that it was the Super Bowl weekend.

It is now 11:00 PM.

I did not leave my building, or floor once today. Throwback to last year, well semester, but also year.

My high if the day – at least I started my reading. My low of the day – I felt hungry all day, like nothing was satisfying me.



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