Blog #152, Day 162.

Friday February 3rd, 2017 at 11:13 PM.

Well, my first complete Friday here is almost coming to an end. Didn’t really do anything, just stayed in my bed honestly.

I just made some Mac ‘n’ Cheese.

My roommate went out, which is interesting to me, because when you look at her, you don’t go “oh, she’s party-er”. If there a correct way to spell party-er, I don’t know it.

I also just realized that the whole entire book I have to read by Tuesday is not currently in my possession. As in, I never bought it. I am panicked, rattled, “triggered”, all of the above to be quite honest.

I drank 3 Gatorades today, because ya’know I am the picture of health. I also didn’t win on my Roll Up the Rim today.

Today had just been fucking wonderful.

I also already have another math structures homework assignment due Monday. That class is the worst, although I did get 36/50 points on my last assignment, and I said I would be happy of I got 27, so I guess I’m “happy”.

That reminds me of the calculus III quiz I had to take. It was a bloodbath. Actually a better description would be it was me drowning in my own bloodbath.

Yeah, just a second time for emphasis, today has been great.

I am just hoping I make it to Thursday.

It is now 11:23 PM.

My high of the day – my mom texted me like an hour ago asking me whether or not I came home, real priority for her as you can tell (this contains just a hint of sarcasm). My low of the day – just the day, as a whole. No, actually it was definitely my roommate’s alarm, on her phone, going off every 3 minutes for an hour starting at 7 AM. I wouldn’t have been as mad if it wasn’t supposed to be my last hour of peaceful rest. She was also not in the room the whole entire time this was happening. Who the fuck leaves their phone  when they leave a room, fucking no one, no one does that, nor should they, honestly. Also, she wakes up at 5:30 AM to do her homework, which bothers me on what I could only describe as a molecular level.

It is now 11:30 PM.




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