Blog #140, Day 150.

Sunday January 22nd, 2017 at 9:58 PM.

My roommate is in bed, and I kind of feel bad just for typing, but what are you gonna do. I mean it isn’t even 10 PM. Maybe I am the bad roommate.

I have been doing World History for the past 2 hours. I have to label a lot of stuff on a map, things I didn’t even know existed. I also need the find the origin names for the continents, but I have not figured that out yet.

I got back to school around 4:30 PM. I still have my shoes on.

I now suddenly have a lot of homework to do. I think I have something do every single day this week except for tomorrow.

I also think I might be going home again this weekend, but that is TBD.

I still have so many things to do before I go to bed, and now I have to them very quietly, and in the dark.

I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

I am very stressed about my math structures and proofs class, especially about the assignment due tomorrow.

On the upside, I do not have to wake up until 8 AM tomorrow, which I guess is only 10 hours away.

It is now 10:06 PM.

I feel really guilty.

My high of the day – I actually had a pretty good day with my mom. My low of the day – this homework is really starting to pile up and stress me out.





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