Blog #133, Day 143.

Sunday January 15th, 2017 at 9:31 PM.

I didn’t blog the last two days, because I just really didn’t want to. I spent the weekend at my grandparents, we spent most of Saturday shopping.

I just packed up most of my stuff for school. I move in tomorrow, but orientation isn’t till Tuesday, so I am going to come home tomorrow night.

My friend just asked me if I wanted to hang out tonight, but I said no because I thought that was the smart decision. Also, I am already in my pajamas.

I am a little worried about moving in, because I do not know who my roommate is, or if I have one, or if she knows that she is getting a roommate. I just think it would be weird to come back and see the rest of the room now has someone else’s stuff in it. I hope she knows I am moving in.

I also am worried about my schedule, it looks pretty awful at this point.

It is now 9:36 PM.

I think these posts will now start to become what they used to be, since now I will not be able to stay in my bed all day.

I am very nervous for this whole week.

My high of the day – I got my room switched into a different hall, but I will be on the second floor. I will also only be in a building with girls, which I am assuming will be better than my first experience in a coed building. My low of the day – I feel bad that my grandparents will not be able to come tomorrow.




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