Blog #102, Day 110.

Tuesday December 13th, 2016 at 11:31 AM.

I think this has to be the first I have written something in the morning.

3 finals down, 1 to go.

Now that I do not have any finals tomorrow I kind of don’t mind having to stay for an extra day, but that might change by tomorrow.

I still woke up at 8:00 AM this morning, because I wanted to study.

I didn’t really though.

Now that my friend is in my dorm, I really wonder what it would have been like if we were roommates in the first place. Would I have liked it more? Would I not be transferring?

It was really hard to fall asleep last night though, but I think I was just nervous/worried for today.

I feel like I did well on my American Politics, but I do not want to get too excited. I just felt like I was prepared enough for it.

I should be studying for my calculus final right now, but as you can tell I am really good at putting that off.

It is now 11:36 AM.

I am going to get something to eat, I think.

It is now 12:10 AM.

Good thing I started writing some of this earlier, because my night kind of went to shit.

I am now not going home until Thursday.

I should have known the “plan” we had in place wasn’t going to work, because that is how my life works.

My friend from back home was supposed to come get me after her last final, but that just fell to pieces.

My friend here just called me out for typing.

Anyway, I unpacked then repacked again today.

I also got really angry at my mom today, so now I hardly even want to be at home.

It is now 12:13 AM.

My high of the day – finishing all of my finals. My low of the day – the roller coaster of emotions that tonight was.





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