Blog #97, Day 105.

Thursday December 8th, 2016 at 10:00 PM.

If all goes as planned, a week from now I will be at home, and I will never have to come back here. I say if all goes as planned, because most things in my life do not as planned.

Speaking of which, can someone please help me get my life together?

I have had all day to finish my essay, but of course I didn’t, but I guess I have till Monday. Even though I will probably just be mad at myself over the weekend, because I still haven’t gotten it done.

I did finish the things I had to do in my portfolio though.

It is currently 23 degrees outside and snowing. I know they will not have the snow cleared by 8:00 AM, so walking to classes tomorrow will not be enjoyable at all.

I finally figured out the feeling I have after I eat here, and it feels as though I am going into cardiac arrest, and it happens after I eat here every single time.

My English professor wants us to have a peer review workshop tomorrow in class, but I don’t even have a hard copy of my essay, so that’ll be interesting.

I am honestly debating whether or not I am going to go to that class.

My computer science professor still hasn’t emailed out the final exam, and I am starting to freak out about having to do that, because I won’t be able to on my own.

It is so crazy that there is only 1 day of classes left.

My friend won’t be able to come and get me until 9:00 PM on Wednesday, but it’s not really that big of a deal. Although, I really don’t know what I am going to do with my key.

I still have so many dining dollars left, and I seriously don’t think I will be able to spend them by Wednesday.

It is now 10:08 PM.

I am going to lay in my bed and do nothing for probably 2-3 hours, even though I could use that time to write my paper.

Constantly wishing I wasn’t a procrastinator.

My high of the day  – my friend came to my dorm before we were about to get food, and as she walked she was telling me about how she had to lock the door, because normally she doesn’t, due to her roommate never having her keys. As I was putting my shoes on we could hear her roommate walking down the hallway with her posse of guys, and then all you could hear was them pounding on her door. They were also talking shit about why she locks the door. Her roommate ending up calling her, but I think my friend should’ve waited to answer her phone. It would have been funnier. The whole time we were laughing in my dorm, and afterwards we figured that her roommate’s friend probably heard us, but oh well. My low of the day – I spent way too much time in bed, not doing what I was supposed to.

It is now 10:12 PM.



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