Blog #96, Day 104.

Wednesday December 7th, 2016 at 10:04 PM.

I have laid in my bed for the past three hours, and I do not think I have been happier at any other moment this week.

I didn’t do any homework at all, but I have tomorrow so I’ll do it then, hopefully.

The most important thing to get done by far is my English paper. In my planner I wrote that I wanted to have it done by Friday, lol.

I am mostly just excited to lay back down. The stress is definitely getting to me, and I know I should work on my assignments, but my bed just feels so much better. There will be regret about this later.

I have 1 week left until I am officially done with classes, and I only have 1 more day of classes left, shit is getting real.

My roommate has basically moved everything out, and the room actually looks really different.

I left for class at 10:00 AM and when I came back at 1:00 PM, everything was gone. It was kind of weird, but also kind of enjoyed it. I definitely don’t blame her though, because if I could be moving out this week, I would be gone. Although, she hasn’t gone to any of classes in like a month, so I actually don’t know why she waited till now. She said she isn’t going to her classes anymore because she found out that none of them will transfer, but it’ll still on your transcript, whatever though, it’s not my business.

I live in the “worst” residence hall on campus, according to all the other and older students, and there are so many people who are moving out after this semester. There is probably 20 rooms on my floor and half were already “singles”, but those people had to be roommate ready, and if no one moves in this semester there will probably be 10 girls left.

My friend said that we were going to get dinner after her last class, but that didn’t happen. I’m telling ya, that whole not following through will what she says isn’t false.

Whatever, it’s 1 week, 7 days, I can do this.

I hope.

I was such a good student in high school, and my GPA has just been destroyed this semester.

It is now 10:15 PM.

Time for me to put pajamas on and lay back down. I don’t know if I had said this before, but I also fall asleep in my “regular” clothes, people are usually bothered to hear me say that sleeping in jeans is comfortable.

My high of the day – laying in bed. It’s been a slow day. My low of the day – we have to do course evaluations, and I could’ve sworn that our professor told us to fill out the scan tron, as in put all your information on it, so I did , and it wasn’t until the last one I did today that the girl sitting next to me told me that I don’t to do that, and that they’re supposed to be anonymous. I should’ve known, because when I was filling it out the first, I couldn’t understand why everyone was finishing them so quickly, but at least I know now.



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