Blog #95, Day 103.

Tuesday December 6th, 2016 at 9:27 PM.

Still trying to get to sleep before midnight.

My friend started talking to me again, maybe 5 hours ago, but we did go to lunch together and the conversation we had was, me: “Where do you want to sit”, my friend: “I don’t care.”

Went to office hours today, but they were right before class, so I didn’t have to walk there two separate times.

I was supposed to start my rough draft for English, but like how do you start an 8 page paper.

I just remembered that I have hand in homework for calculus to do, that I haven’t done yet.

It wasn’t until 7:20 PM, that I realized I needed to shower today, so that’s how preparation for finals is hitting me.

I have 2 class days left, what the fuck? What I am going to do?

This is stress.

Don’t get me wrong, I am really excited to be done, but it’s just really stressful.

I have $130 dining dollars.

Also, it is starting to snow, but it’s apparently it’s not snow, it’s “freezing rain”, which sounds like snow to me, but whatever.

Having, getting, finding the motivation to go to class in the snow is real fucking struggle.

So is that 8 page paper I have to write, and the take home computer science final I am going to have to do on my own.

And I have computer science test tomorrow.

Jeez, man.

I just want to fill in my eyebrows and go to bed.

My friend (from home) hasn’t text back, the hockey team is losing, and I still have homework to do.

I can only laugh at myself.

It is now 9:39 PM.

Wow, this was really just complaint after complaint. Whoops.

Oh, I finished a page in portfolio. That’s not a complaint, so that’s one thing.

My high of the day – my friend starting to talk to me again, but also office hours today. My low of the day – the paper towel dispenser in the bathroom on our floor has been out of paper towels since yesterday, and we don’t have a hand dryer.



It is now 9:51 PM.

Update: My hockey team won.



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