Blog #91, Day 99.

Friday November December 2nd, 2016 at 10:44 PM.

When will I get my shit together?

Well, I started my day with a calculus test, that was really difficult, and I probably should’ve done the practice like 8 more times.

When I got out of calculus I got a text from my friend, saying that she was able to get lunch, because to study for glorified 5th grade math. I mean realistically, they probably do, do this stuff in 5th grade math, so it’s not that much of a dig.

She eventually changed her mind, because all of her classes were cancelled, why doesn’t that happen to me? I got an answer for you Emily, because Karma, and you probably aren’t a good enough person to deserve that.

Um let’s see calculus, lunch, and oh I did apologize to her, I think I meant it.

I am also down to $145 dining dollars. I bought a lot of M&Ms.

My friend did leave, obviously, so now I am just alone in my dorm room.

I have gone through just everything and reorganized all of it. I think I might be going a little stir crazy, as I am also talking to myself. I mean I do it normally, but I have what would narrated everything I have done for the past 2 hours. Every word I have written so far I have spoken, out loud, to myself.

It all started because my mattress topper was slipping off my bed, but still in my sheets. It was becoming aggressively annoying, so I ripped everything off my bed, and then continued to go through the rest of my half of the dorm.

As I was doing this, I thought I would do a post about my dorm, like with pictures and stuff. I don’t know I just figured why not, I got the whole weekend ahead of me.

I actually have another double-entry journal, but I’m not going to worry about that til Sunday.

I also have to do a “reflection” of how college is different from high school and how I have changed as a student/person. I have taken a blog post approach to it, as in I’m writing it as if I was writing one of these.

I didn’t go to my computer science class today, but I am asked him first to make sure that it was okay that I didn’t go. I had to go to my faculty adviser in the math suite and my professor walked in behind me, he said he was going to miss me. I don’t if he meant it sarcastically, it still made me happy.

My friend tried to give herself a stick’n’poke tattoo, but she definitely wasn’t doing right. I don’t think she was poking into her skin nearly deep enough, but I didn’t want to argue with her. I don’t think our friendship could handle it.

I though me and her would keep in touch, but it doesn’t really feel like it anymore. I think we are distancing ourselves from each other, we are pretty similar, and I feel as though that is what I am doing.

It is now 11:09 PM.

I would rather be at home.

My high of the day – My computer science professor saying that he will miss me, mostly because I know that I will miss him. My low of the day – I got a 78 on a paper. I was disappointed.




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