Blog #90, Day 98.

Thursday November December 1st, 2016 at 10:05 PM.

That is the same exact thing I did last month.

Today was nice, a little awkward, but I will get to that. This is probably one of only Thursday where I have not had to worry about a whole bunch of homework being due tomorrow.

I met with the Dean, and I am starting the process of withdrawing, and I need a lot of signatures. It’s basically like a scavenger hunt.

Anyways, while we were meeting with the Dean, my friend kind of did a 180.

We decided that we would just meet with him at the same time, because it wasn’t a big deal. He took us into his office and asked us if why we were there, obviously because we are transferring. He then asked whether or not we have been accepted to out next schools, I have been, she has not. Then he spent most of the time speaking to her, but addressing me when he mentioned something that would affect both of us. He asked us if we were prepared to start the withdrawal process now, of course I said yes. She did not though, which was shocking to me. He told her since she has not been accepted anywhere else, she can just email him when she makes her decision. Which is annoying because I have to go through and get all these signatures and all she has to do is send an email. What the fuck?

I was thoroughly shocked when she said that she might stay here another semester. I have listened to her complain every single day about how she is so excited to leave and she is counting down the days, which I didn’t mind because I was in the same boat. She also said that it didn’t matter whether or not she was accepted anywhere else, because her mother wouldn’t mind having her home. She then said that she was going to go to her local community college because they didn’t start back up until February. I don’t know what I can say to make you believe this is true, but it is. And I am just flabbergasted. Also, she straight up lied to him when she said she was only looking at the community college and a state school. She was ready to change her major to bio-medical engineering (even though she is in communicating in numbers which is basically 5th grade, and she is worried that she won’t even get a B+) to go to a private school near her hometown. I honestly don’t think she would have gotten in, and if she did it would be the same there as it was here. She has not spent more than 5 days here consecutively, she has gone home every single weekend.

So this is when it got awkward. We got back to her dorm and she was almost excited to tell her roommate that she might be saying. She was telling her roommate and when she finished I asked her if she ever followed through with her decisions. Which I get it, it’s a little offensive, if you want to be a little bitch and take it offensively. That is kind of sarcastic (but I don’t really think that I think it is). Anyway, she was offended, but like someone has to fucking tell you the truth. I have listened to her say so many things and do the opposite, that I just finally fucking called her out on it.

I feel like it sounds like I am getting worked up over it, which I guess I am, but like not like that. I am just annoyed. I mean I am a very very indecisive person, but I just don’t understand how you can back on your that quickly. It was, I just, I could only imagine what my face looked like when she said that.

The Dean was very nice though, he told us that “we are leaving on good terms”, and that we were welcomed back if we ever wanted to come back. I don’t know the leaving on good terms thing kind of struck a chord with me for some reason.

I did the practice exam for calculus today, I am now a lot more worried for the test. I don’t think that is the effect the practice exam is supposed to have.

My roommate has not slept here once this week, which totally cool with.

Still have $160 dining dollars left.

Still have no clue what to get my friend from home for Christmas.

It is now 10:56 PM.

It didn’t take me that long to write this, I just got distracted by Teen Mom 2.

Maybe I’ll be asleep by midnight tonight, maybe not.

Just got to make it 2 more weeks, 2, just 2.

It is now 10:59 PM.

My high of the day – I talked with my friend at the school I am transferring to. so that was good. My low of the day – I procrastinated a really long time to start my calculus practice exam.





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