Blog #86, Day 94.

Sunday November 27th, 2016 at 10:58 PM.

I have not read any of the 150 pages  I was supposed to. I feel like I have no motivation, actually I have zero motivation to do anything. Which is probably really bad considering there is only 10 class days left. If there was anytime for me to not do my work, it definitely isn’t right now. It’s so bad.

I also have a calculus hand in homework to do, but it was Tuesday, and I will probably hand it in Wednesday and say that I just found it. What I should really do is just fucking do it. I also have a calculus test this week, and I do not understand this unit at all, so I will have had an A in the class the whole semester, except for when it actually matters.

I got back to school around 2:30 PM, I was not happy about it.

I really should have read.

These finals are going to fuck me.

I have an appointment with the Dean of Students this week and I am oddly looking forward to it.

I am starting to get really pissed at how much this school cost, especially because the quality of what I am paying for is basically garbage.

My English class was cancelled for tomorrow, so that is actually kind of amazing.

I am also starting to regret choosing the school I wanted to transfer to, because now I feel like I really want to be in a city. Gahhh.

This is my life.

To future me: I hope you have changed. For the better.

I still have basically three weeks here, and I am starting to worry that I will not have enough water to last me.

It is now 11:05 PM.

My high of the day – getting an email that my class was cancelled. My low of the day – being an asshole and not doing my reading.




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