Blog #81, Day 89.

Tuesday November 22nd, 2016 at 9:09 PM.

I am going to hang out with my friend, but I want to start this now so that I can say today without it technically being Wednesday.

It is now 12:38 AM.

I have just heard some of the most offensive things from my mom’s boyfriend. Politically speaking. It was bad. I would say it was disgusting. 

That is the worst part of this election. It has brought out the closeted racist and sexists, before they were ashamed to say these things, but now they feel like it is okay becaue Trump is President. 

It is not okay.

I walked around Target for an hour and didn’t even buy anything. Although, if I should be buying anything at anytime it should be right now. 

It is now 1:02 AM.

He just stopped talking at me. Keyword: at. 

I also went to go get coffee with my friend.

I finished How To Get Away With Murder today, do now I need a new show to watch.

I ate a lot of cookies today, and some tater-tots, I also finished a 2 liter of root beer.

It is now 1:06 AM.

My high of the day – I think I have a haircut lined up, I think. My low of the day – the political “discussion” I had was astounding, and not in a good way.


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