Blog #80, Day 88.

Monday November 21st, 2016 at 9:02 PM.

I am at home.

I got to open my boots, and I don’t think I am disappointed, except for one of the products I ordered wasn’t in the box, even though it said it should have been. Honestly though, I don’t even feel like it is that big of a deal.

The weather was so bad today. It was cold and snowing, and blowing snow. Weather that sucked to have to walk to classes in, especially because they didn’t shovel most of the walkways. I probably almost broke my neck like seven times. It was an icy mess.

I was finally able to get a 100% on my calculus quiz, so that’s an accomplishment.

The ride home felt really long today. I spent most of the time watching How To Get Away With Murder.

I am currently watching a hockey game, so that’s cool.

I am going to try to get my mom to take me to get my haircut tomorrow, fingers crossed.

My team just scored. Woop, woop!

I think I feel a little guilty for skipping classes tomorrow, but at the same time I am so happy I do not have to walk to any classes tomorrow.

I still didn’t see my roommate today. Hope she’s okay. Lol. I probably shouldn’t be laughing about that, but I literally laughed out loud. She could at least have the decency to text me and say “hey, I’m not going to be back for like 2 week”, because I think it has actually been 2 weeks since I have seen her.

I am going to go eat some cookies.

It is now 9:15 PM.

My high of the day – coming home to there being good food, that I want to eat. My low of the day – coming home to my bedroom being fucking freezing cold.




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