Blog #79, Day 87.

Sunday November 20th, 2016 at 11:44 PM.

It is too late to be doing this, I should be in bed right now.

I can never fall asleep at a reasonable on Sundays. I think it is because I get so much sleep over the weekend, way more sleep than my body is used to.

I probably finished my double entry journal for English maybe 30 minutes ago, maybe. I started working on it around 4 PM. You could say that I got distracted, just a little though. At one point, I tried to watch Netflix, but there was already the maximum amount of people watching, which was probably a good thing. I eventually got on and started to watch the second season of How To Get Away With Murder. I started watching the show when it first came out, and I think I even watched the premiere of the second season, but I also think it was my senior year, and I was stressed almost everyday, so I didn’t really keep up with TV shows.

My friend is not coming back before Thanksgiving break, so I might have to unplug everything for her and forge her signature on her tag. She got into a car accident on the way back, her grandparents were driving and they hit a deer. Which is not really surprising, because there are so many deer around here, it is kind of unbelievable. I know if I was I would feel really guilty if my grandparents got into an accident bringing me back. Especially, because she was supposed to stay here this weekend. So that’s awkward, and I feel bad (I’m like kind of a bad person though), kind of, just like I want to say I told you so, in the sense that like I told you, you should’ve stayed here this weekend. That’s probably awful, but like I said I’m terrible person, so I’m used to those feelings.

I couldn’t get my calculus quiz again, so I got a 33% on it. Fucking killing my grade.

Also at 10:59 PM, I remembered that I could have reading to do for American Politics, and I kind of freaked out for minute. Only because the reading are never 10 pages, it is usually at least 70, so I knew I would be fucked if we did have reading to. I actually thanked Jesus, mind you I am not religious at all, when I checked the syllabus and it said there was no reading for the week. Except there kind of is because we have to be on page 234 by Monday, currently I have read 99 pages.

My mom wants to come and get me tomorrow, which I did not think would happen. Now, that she has decided this, but it’ll probably change by tomorrow so I’m not too worried, I really do not want to skip two computer science classes, two days of office hours for computers science, and a calculus class.

I am currently about to eat some apple sauce, because I may have to throw it out tomorrow. I also ate some mashed potatoes today, that were actually pretty good.

It is now 12:00 AM.

I need to go to bed, but also eat some apple sauce.

My high of the day – I got my financial aid information from the other school, so that’s good. I guess, this was a struggle to do today. My low of the day – finding out my friend wasn’t coming back, that is so selfish, and so bad. I apologize.




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