Blog #76, Day 84.

Thursday November 17th, 2016 at 9:27 PM.

I surprisingly got everything I wanted to get done, done today. I still, after 23 attempts, can not get my calculus quiz. I think I have given up.

I actually went to the library with my friend to get my Politics paper done, I also wrote two other short responses for that class.

Before we went to the library we got coffee (I got coffee, she got a smoothie). The best decision I have made this week. It is unbelievable how good it tasted, especially because everything is usually disappointing here.

My friend says she is going to stay here this weekend, I don’t know if I believe her. She hasn’t stayed for a weekend yet.

I personally am not looking forward to this weekend. I have to write a double-entry journal, 12 of them. That is gonna suck.

Two of the RAs came to do a “safety check” and they didn’t even walk past my bed. What was the point of that. Actually, I figured out the point, they put a tag on the door for us to fill out when we leave, even though technically you are not supposed to leave till Tuesday. I feel like five days is a long time for a piece of paper taped to our doors to last, but whatever.

I am a little worried that my roommate is not going to come back before Thanksgiving break, so I am going to be responsible for everything that has to get done.

It is now 9:57 PM.

I wanted to go to bed at 9 PM, still probably won’t fall asleep for another two hours.

I just got an email from my English professor saying that we will have a quiz on grammar tomorrow, so basically fuck me. I hate that class. He also moved it further away from my next class too, so I am going to be so pleased at 11 AM tomorrow.

I can’t remember if I said this yesterday, but I think a girl on my floor has a cat. I want a cat. That’s a lie, no I don’t. I am barely responsible/taking care of myself, I could not take care of another living creature.

I almost forgot that someone put a Trump sticker on the back of my friend’s roommate’s car, so my friend and I (mostly me) had to scrape it off for her since she was in class. She is not a Trump supporter. She only found out because someone had posted a picture on their snap story. Honestly though, that is really uncalled for.

It is now 10:00 PM.

My high of the day – that iced coffee was the most satisfying thing to happen to me all week. My low of the day – I felt so sick around 3:30, it was awful.





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