Blog #75, Day 83.

Wednesday November 16th, 2016 at 11:17 PM.

I did it, I started packing, and I actually feel like I could pack a lot more. I think I may have actually enjoyed it.

I tried to do some of my homework for Friday, but the highest grade I could get on my calculus quiz was a 50%.

I did do an English quiz my professor sent me, but it made me incredibly angry. He was not able to make time for a quiz in class today, even though all he did was “teach” us how to use Microsoft Word. No one paid attention. I would have been more understanding if he made it due at 4 PM on Friday, but he didn’t. We don’t have class on Thursday so it kind of pissed me off when he said that it would be due tomorrow. Please do not penalize me because you have poor time management, which really seems to affect his work habit.

I think I am going to go to my friend’s dorm now. I just wanted to start this before I head over there.

It is now 1:15 AM.

I just got back from my friend’s dorm.

We watched funny fail videos of YouTube.

For dinner today I had a bagel with cream cheese (of course) and a bowl of cereal.

It is good that we ate breakfast for dinner tonight, because my friend and I always say that we will get breakfast on Thursday and never actually do.

I think I might do that dorm workout again, but at the same time it is quarter after one in the morning. I know I should, I think I am going to.

I have to finish my final draft of my analysis paper for Politics, but he had so many comments that I do not think I know how to answer.

Back to the packing thing, it honestly felt so good. Apparently, I only have 14 days of classes left. I am a little scared for finals, but so happy to get out of here. I say all of this knowing that when the day comes to actually move out, I will be terrified.

At the meeting I had to go to on Monday, with the RA, we had to say whether or not we were coming back and if not, then why. I said no and transferring, so tonight the RA on call, which also the one my friend and I go to if we need anything, and he asked us the worst possible question: why? I went the easy route and said it is closer to home, although there was a long pause before that.

My best friend from finally texted me tonight, her phone was broken. She said that she saw something that she wanted to get for me for Christmas, and she got it. Basically, like always, she is way more prepared than me. SOS, what do you get for your best friend?

My ear buds also came today, do that was pretty awesome.

Side note: My goal when I go home is to get a haircut. It has to be done.

I think I am going to be incredibly overwhelmed tomorrow.

It is now 1:33 AM.

My high of the day – My friend and I played Trivia Crack, Draw Something, and Words with Friends for over an hour, just rotating between the three. My low of the day – My calculus quiz.




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