Blog #74, Day 82.

Tuesday November 15th, 2016 at 10:09 PM.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means it is almost Thursday, which means it is almost Friday. This is how I have been getting through my entire week. Ya’ know, the two days so far.

My ear buds should be here tomorrow, but if they do not come before the mail room closes, then I will be very disappointed tomorrow. My boots were also shipped, but those are going to my house, so best case scenario is that I will see them on Tuesday.

It is a best case scenario, because even though I told my mom and her boyfriend (who has been extra as of late) that I will need to be picked-up on the 22nd, which is a Tuesday, and it will have to be in the afternoon/night-time; he is suddenly acting like I never even brought it up.  The aggravation is very real. I am not too worried because my grandpa said that I could think of him as a backup plan.

I tried to take 2 naps today, one of them was successful, sort of. The other, not at all. My friend’s roommate was feeling “severe” pain again. Which so weird because it was exactly two weeks ago at the same exact time that this happened before. The only reason I put severe in quotes is because now she is fine and she left to go hang out with friends at the suites, which is basically a hike, from anywhere on campus.

I had another somewhat disappointing dinner, mostly because they still did not have pickles. What the hell do I pay $45,000 for, that is always my excuse/complaint, and I can only assume it is starting to get a wee bit annoying.

I also did that dorm workout again, fucking don’t know why. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that people who say “working out is so great, and amazing, and blah blah blah” are liars. I have never felt good about myself after I have worked out, in fact I fucking usually feel worse. I mean also, this week has not been a good one on the “love your body” side of things. Personally, I have never been one to not see a problem when I look in the mirror, but this week has been especially brutal, or I have been especially brutal on myself. Plus, I am still sore from the last time.

Um, 4 classes tomorrow, that sucks.

What else, what else, what else…

I have gone 3 days without eating any Pop-Tarts.

I did not finish my reading, but I think I will do that after I finish this. Only because I do not really like to walk into class unprepared, and also a somewhat guilty conscience.

My roommate is still not back. Everyone was giving me a hard time about not texting her to ask if she is okay, but I know she, because she leaves (to go home) all the time. I did text her though (my mom said it was rude not too), and guess what, she went home. I do not like to text her because I do not want to feel like her mother, and it really is not any of my business where she is; however, I would like to know when she will be back.

I got to go read all about a  Supreme Court case. 1 book, 400 hundred pages,  1 court case.

It is now 10:27 PM.

My high of the day – beating my friend at Trivia Crack, 2/2 times. My low of the day – no pickles.



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